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Hey Colossus – In Blood

In Blood is a remarkable achievement for a band this long in the tooth, you never want to skip a track and it always seems to be over too soon.

Sprain – The Lamb As Effigy or Three Hundred And Fifty XOXOXOS For A Spark Union With My Darling Divine

The kind of record that falls naturally to close reading among its fans and irritated shrugs among naysayers.

Sonic Youth – Live In Brooklyn 2011

Their playing flows effortlessly, the band deep inside the music, the calm eye at the centre of their sonic storm.

Preview: Supersonic Festival 2023

Rejoice friends! If the endless rain doesn’t wash us all into the filthy sea then Supersonic festival will be upon us in less than a month’s time. An undoubted pinnacle of underground music’s calendar, this year it will be celebrating its twentieth birthday. . . It’s going to be quite a party, come ready. If you’re still dithering about that now is the time to commit.    

Tom Whitfield from Spits Milk

Jared Dix had a word with vocalist Tom Whitfield from Birmingham noise punks Spits Milk about what he thought he was up to.  

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Sunset 666

Loose and noisy as if they’re joyriding down the pacific coast highway. Jesus, they might even be enjoying themselves.

PJ Harvey – I Inside the Old Year Dying

Drawing you quickly in, like the woods themselves it is dark and mysterious, beautiful and consoling.

Big Blood – First Aid Kit

A musical tonic to ease what ails you.

Godflesh – Purge

They continue to stand apart and Purge is up among their best work.

Secret Flight – Secret Flight

As with the music she maximises minimal elements giving the tracks a very open feel, small but spacious.

Wolf Eyes – Dreams In Splattered Lines

Each track is a chaotic snapshot from a winding journey through hidden worlds, a postcard trail of saturated colours and enigmatic inscriptions.

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – The Nation’s Most Central Location

Essentially this is abstract, instrumental, electronic music that is a pleasure to listen to.

Shit Present – What Still Gets Me

Iona cairns’ words flow in deceptively simple phrases often bearing sharp moments of recognition that can cut you.

Kendo Nagasaki – Hurt, Decide, Conspire

Rhythmic and immediate they hit the sweet spot between engaging and unpredictable.

Left Hand Cuts off the Right – Free Time/Dead Time

Not a particularly soothing listen but it is richly layered and fully realised.

Wallowing – Earth Reaper

They deliver not pastiche or parody but a finely tuned mix of doom and black metal.

Chat Pile / Nerver – Brothers in Christ

It’s an absolute winner.

Gum Takes Tooth – Recovery Position

Slipping free of familiar structures the music flows and mutates. Pools of noise skimmed by clusters of beats.

Chum – Metaphysical

Grips an unswerving momentum, dragging increasingly chaotic clamour in its wake as it goes.

Scotch Rolex and Shackleton – Death By Tickling

Shackleton’s hallucinatory bass-murk meets the playful absurdist spirit of Scotch Rolex on a fun house glide.

Mudhoney – Plastic Eternity

Of course you love Mudhoney, what’s wrong with you? They’re only the band Nirvana could have been.

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