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Telex – This Is Telex

Telex’s futurism is mostly a mundane modernism. They do not want to be robots or conceive sci-fi utopias in sound. They’re named after a piece of office equipment.

POLA – Opaque

The atmosphere it generates is so complete and instant it’s like entering a different place.

Hannah Peel – Fir Wave

The album unfolds with an understated magic, always with another modest surprise to delight you just around the corner.

Gazelle Twin & NYX – Deep England

Hallucinatory strangeness echoing down the years in multiple voices from the divine into the dark satanic.

The Fall – Live at St. Helens Technical College ’81

A teeth grind march, noise and bile over battering drums, the definitive rant.

Melvins – Working With God

Honest enough to get experimental without being pompous about it. True believers in the dumb adolescent mess of energy and defiance that makes for the best rock ‘n’ roll. Praise the Lord.

tindersticks – Distractions

Their most fascinating record in a long while.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Swing From The Sean DeLear

All that fun and infectiously, unstoppably, funky into the bargain, clap your hands and chant along brothers and sisters.

7-11 Jesus – Tree Dream

A comfort blanket of an album, get your beers and snacks in, wrap yourself up in that couch fort and drift into these songs.

Cantenac Dagar – SESEUDA

Raw sounding but directed with clear intention, the two long tracks offer contrasting and unexpectedly uplifting sounds to get lost in.

Guided By Voices – Styles We Paid For

Styles We Paid For maintains their consistently high standard and current hyper productive streak. Stocking stuffing good.

Live Skull – Dangerous Visions

If you like your rock music dark and intense, exploratory but still roughly song shaped then there’s probably something here for you to enjoy.

The Coathangers – S/T

adorable, hilarious, and noisy, it just crackles with wild youthful energy.

Richard T. Holmes – Laments 13

Drones and breakbeats, clouds of strings, jazz ghosts and solo piano all soaked in a comforting ambience.

Craven Faults – Enclosures

Lengthy modular synth explorations that unwind in a leisurely and hypnotic manner.

Mark Dicker – Metropolith

The titles suggest a quick scout around a concrete plant and the music sounds like a night in an abandoned multi-storey car park.

Nick Cave – Idiot Prayer

It’s remarkable that an artist this far into their career is still holding out that promise of going somewhere new for both themselves and their audience. Looking forward to seeing where we go.

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – I Can Wait

Warm and contemplative, I Can Wait is four linked tracks of gently flowing sound to help ease your fizzing brain.

Hey Colossus – Dances / Curses

A stunning piece of work, Dances / Curses is an enigma and a blessing. It covers much ground and it resists lazy classification. It’s a lot.

Big Lad – Hand Tools

Hand Tools is a fast and slightly queasy flashback to all things pre-lockdown. Warming and medicinal, like a shot of Jäger.

Dorcha – Honey Badger

Bold, multilayered and disorienting Honey Badger is an enigmatic and beguiling listen that rewards your patience.

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