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“We could have been a really good stadium band. It would have not been any good for the personalities in the band – it would have driven us all absolutely insane I would have thought. Any level of success would have made us worse people in my opinion. We could have been really good at it though. It didn’t happen and that’s that – it is what it is. It’s not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I would have liked to have made that second record though. There’s nothing wrong with being unknown, with being anonymous, it’s what almost everyone is – but try telling that to an arrogant idiot in his early twenties. . .”
Michael J Hall, Nebraska

Articles by Charlie Gardner

Under The Influence with HAAL

To celebrate HAAL’s new EP, Back to Shilmarine, we asked frontman Alfie Hay to share three records that have inspired their sound. . .

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Oscillation – ‘War On The Mind’

‘War On The Mind’ is the startling second single-premiere from the forthcoming The Start Of The End.

Featured Video: Fluke – Insanely Beautiful

Fluke return with their first release of a new era, a single entitled ‘Insanely Beautiful’.

Featured Video: Blood Incantation – ‘Luminescent Bridge’

“What we saw after decompressing the video stream blew us away, not only had they captured a beautiful cinematic exploration of the exoplanet’s sand dunes, but we can see their journey across the expanse of space was successful.”

Exclusive Video Premiere: Machiavellian Art – ‘Burning Mind’

It’s a year later and everything has gone from bad to worse. . . 

Album Premiere: Haunted – Stare at Nothing

As sinuous as a snake and solvent as acid. . .

Video Premiere: Citizend – ‘Bad Moon Rising’

Reflecting on the significance of ‘Bad Moon Rising’, Citizend’s Emil Gustavsson shares: “This song holds a special place in my heart since childhood, and its lyrics resonate now more than ever. It was the song that started our journey. . .”

Track Premiere: MaidaVale – Daybreak

“For the first time we actually took time in the studio. It gave us room for both experimentation and reflection,”

Exclusive Album Premiere: Dragged Up – High On Ripple

Hot on the heels of the 2023 Hex Domestic EP and the single ‘Missing Person’, Dragged Up are set to release their second album, High On Ripple.

Exclusive Video Premiere: The Oscillation – ‘The Start of the End’

At once warm and welcoming, The Start Of The End is an album quite unlike anything that The Oscillation have ever released before.

Under the Influence with Talie Rose Eigeland from Teiger

Celebrating a new video and a forthcoming tour, Talie Rose chooses three albums that have proved inspirational to Teiger’s unique nu-prog sound…

Under the Influence – TUTUPATU

We celebrate TUTUPATU’s debut release IV as they fittingly share IV records that have been huge influences on their music.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dragged Up – ‘Missing Person’

In typical fashion, they have spawned a home-made video for the new release. With one camera and a broken tripod, we follow a self-appointed sleuth and her misplaced devotion to answering the question no-one asked: “Whatever Happened To Dragged Up?”

Exclusive Video Premiere: TSO – ‘Already Knew’

Founded a decade ago by Marco and Andrea Abbrescia, TSO purveys an unadulterated 90s heavy-rock sound; songs that brim with infectious hooks, a healthy dose of distortion, melody-driven guitars and brooding vocals.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Observers – ‘Moon Doom’

Introducing Observers and The Age of the Machine Entities an instrumental heavy metal reimagining of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Big Scenic Nowhere – ‘Sarah Smile’

Like many of the best things in life, the root collaboration behind Big Scenic Nowhere between guitarists Gary Arce of Yawning Man and Bob Balch of Fu Manchu started with tacos. Specifically, Del Taco.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Cower – Hard-Coded in the Souls of Men

Featuring the musical might of Tom Lacey (Yards, The Ghost of a Thousand), Wayne Adams (Petbrick, JAAW, Big Lad) and Gareth Thomas (USA Nails, The Eurosuite) COWER is a collaborative project of three friends celebrating a lifetime of music exploration together.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Yama Uba – ‘Shapes’

I’ve always been attracted to shapeshifters in folklore, and curious as to why their ability to change form incites fear. But I thought if I was a shapeshifter, I would feel more fear during the vulnerable state of change itself. We experience that sort of thing in our most intimate relationships. . .

Under the Influence – VIRTA

Helsinki’s experimental post-rockers pick three albums that have hugely influenced their-just released LP, Horros

Exclusive Video Premiere: A.L. Lacey – ‘Memo’

The crux of ‘Memo’ is Sun Tzu’s well-worn phrase, ‘keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer’. It is, by far, the angriest moment on the album. . .

Under the Influence with Dylan LeBlanc

To celebrate his just-released LP, Coyote, we asked singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc to share four records that were hugely influential on his new album.

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