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“We could have been a really good stadium band. It would have not been any good for the personalities in the band – it would have driven us all absolutely insane I would have thought. Any level of success would have made us worse people in my opinion. We could have been really good at it though. It didn’t happen and that’s that – it is what it is. It’s not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I would have liked to have made that second record though. There’s nothing wrong with being unknown, with being anonymous, it’s what almost everyone is – but try telling that to an arrogant idiot in his early twenties. . .”
Michael J Hall, Nebraska

Articles by Charlie Gardner

Featured Track: Honeycrush – ‘Split Lung’

“You know sometimes you just need to shut down the chatter in your brain and let yourself do what you’re doing. I’m so proud to release this song today but mostly I’m glad I wrote it when I did.”

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dragged Up – Hex Domestic

Like classic CBGBs proto-punk transplanted to rain-drenched Scottish streets. . .

Video Premiere: Zahn – ‘Apricot’

A triumph of febrile imagination, ‘Apricot’ proves to be far more inspiration than perspiration. It’s not only tangerines that dream. . .

Under The Influence with Anna Brønsted (Our Broken Garden)

To celebrate her first new album since 2010, we asked Anna Brønsted to share several albums that have proved hugely influential on her during her long hiatus.

Track Premiere: Sophia Space Agency – ‘What a Mess’

Sophia Space Agency (Melpomeni Kermanidou) is a vocalist, keyboard player, composer, producer, sound artist and performance artist.

Featured Track: Lance Gurisik – Cull Portal pt. III

Cull Portal is an exploration of modal harmony and improvisation, extrapolated over the course of eight tracks. Woozing analog synths, grand piano, string section, live drums and Jeremy Rose’s tenor sax set the tone for this spiritual jazz/ electronic release.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Plastic Barricades – ‘Second-hand Dreams’

London indie-rock band Plastic Barricades is back with a new single ‘Second-hand Dreams’ on August 17. ‘Second-hand Dreams’ explores the world where we are always on a cusp of a better life, but never quite there. . .

Exclusive Track Premiere: Emile – Nocturnal

Envision yourself in the exact place where you belong. ‘Nocturnal’ is a song about the time that you steal for yourself. It’s about friendship, and about fully submerging yourself into experiences.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Pleasure Forever – ‘To The Last Recorded Syllable of Time’

20 years after the band’s last proper album Alter was released on Sub Pop — with the catalog number Sub Pop #666, no less — Pleasure Forever returns with a new mini-album titled Distal. It’s as hard to characterize as it’s always been.

Under the Influence with William the Conqueror

Just released, William the Conqueror’s fourth album finds the indie-rock trio firing on all cylinders as Joseph confronts the thin line between creativity and madness, inspired by compassion for the real-life angels of the world. Ruarri’ Joseph’s compe …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Carlton Melton – ‘Turn to Earth’ • ‘Cloudstroming’

Turn To Earth, sure. . . but keep your head in outer space!

Under The Influence with The Dust Coda

After a triumphant performance supporting Guns N’ Roses at Hyde Park, The Dust Coda have just released their third album, Loco Paradise, via Earache Records. The new album has been receiving rave reviews to date and is packed with a raw energy and fire …

Exclusive Album Premiere: Spits Milk – ‘Hells Lapels’

Spits Milk spit out the fantastic Hells Lapels one day early and just for us!

Exclusive Track Premiere: Steve Moore – ‘Time Crystals’

Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock) and Overcalc (Nick Skrobisz of Multicult) take the road less traveled on Calyx, an exploration of synth and psychedelic guitar. Developed from alternating vantages, these recordings feature collaborative, reinterpreted, and original works by both artists, resulting in an uncanny and bold tapestry

Exclusive Video Premiere: Spits Milk – ‘Disgrace’

Peaky Blinder of a Vid-AI-o from the noisy Brummy Strummer’s forthcoming album Hell’s Lapels via Cruel Nature Recordings.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Cosse – ‘Slow Divers’

The Parisian post-rockers dive live into a Slint-tinted Seine. Enjoy the ripples. . .

Track Premiere: A Reminder – ‘Another Day’

Post-it Note Post Rock from a band you can’t forget. . .

Mario Infantes

Cult of Lilith frontman, Mario Infantes, talks triple-covid, tattoos and turbulent minds as she shares his thoughts about his first solo album.

Under The Influence with Carbon Based Lifeforms

The chill and trance legends celebrate their new album ‘Seeker’ and share four albums that have hugely influenced their unique soundscapes.

Exclusive Album Premiere: Mario Infantes – Antidote to a Turbulent Mind

On Antidote to a Turbulent Mind, Mario Infantes, has painstakingly crafted a record of synth soundscapes that brings the listener on a voyage deep into the mind of the artist.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Giöbia – Screaming Souls

This mystical Milano foursome has been building sonic bridges between the cosmos and what we can call reality for a decade now, and this new offering cements their reputation as one of Europe’s most bedazzling purveyors of neo-psychedelia.

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