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“We could have been a really good stadium band. It would have not been any good for the personalities in the band – it would have driven us all absolutely insane I would have thought. Any level of success would have made us worse people in my opinion. We could have been really good at it though. It didn’t happen and that’s that – it is what it is. It’s not a good or bad thing, just a thing. I would have liked to have made that second record though. There’s nothing wrong with being unknown, with being anonymous, it’s what almost everyone is – but try telling that to an arrogant idiot in his early twenties. . .”
Michael J Hall, Nebraska

Articles by Charlie Gardner

Exclusive Track Premiere: Tir – The Mists of the Eternal Meadow

Australia-based solo project Tir (Oytun Bektaş) is set to release his fifth full-length album this coming April. Following on from 2021’s Persepolis and set for release under the dual banners of Brilliant Emperor Records (LP) and Orko Productions (CD/t …

Track Premiere: Lesotho – Crown of Echoes

Photo: Justin Cowley Boston, Massachusetts-based trio, LESOTHO presents their debut album, Through the Dying Light. Formed in the quarantine days of 2020, LESOTHO released their Summer Wars debut EP in 2021 which quickly cemented their place as an up-a …

Under the Influence with Hammock

The post-rock dreamgaze duo’s Marc Byrd choses the three records that have proved the greatest influence on their new album, Lost in the Void.

Under the Influence with Deathcrash

The rising London post-rockers pick four albums that have proved more than an influence on their new album, Less.

Video Premiere: The Eurosuite – ‘Cup of Water’

Human Worth are proud to present the killer new album from The Eurosuite, available to pre-order from 3 February with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. The Eurosuite consist of four lovely people who make disquieting no wave songs that will equ …

Under The Influence with Me Lost Me

Experimental folk singer-songwriter Jayne Dent (Me Lost Me) tells us about three records that have greatly influenced her music and her new album, RPG.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Hands Up Who Wants to Die – ‘Ludger Sylbaris’

Human Worth are proud to present the stunning new album from Irish foursome Hands Up Who Wants to Die, featuring members of Shifting, No Spill Blood and Wild Rocket, with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. And now, ‘Ludger Sylbaris’, the wild-ey …

Video Premiere: Mom Rock – ‘Bullseye’

Photo: Isabella Grossling Making waves and grabbing the attention of Rolling Stone, Sound of Boston, and more, indie-rock outfit Mom Rock announce ‘Bullseye’ and an accompanying Valentines-esque video as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2022 E …

Track Premiere: Laurel Canyon – ‘Eczema’

Agitated Records is excited to announce the release of Laurel Canyon’s debut self-titled album. Formed in 2019 when Nicholas Gillespie met Serg Cereja via a mutual friend, the duo connected through a shared interest in both Arthur Rimbaud and The Stoog …

Video Premiere: Blood Moon Wedding – ‘Wanted’

Blood Moon Wedding, the musical marriage of Oakland singer Mia Dean and English punk rocker Steve Lake of Zounds, will release their duet offering, Blood Moon Wedding: An American Nightmare, on 7 April 2023 via Mobilization Recordin …

Under the Influence with Jasper den Hartigh (Holy Water)

Jasper den Hartigh chooses the records that have been the greatest influence on his new solo project, Holy Water.

Exclusive Album Premiere: Holy Water – ‘Holy Water’

Heavy music is experiencing a renaissance of innovation and creativity, while most of contemporary music genres have stagnated in recent years.    Case in point: Holy Water, a powerful new step merging heavy doom guitars, stoic experimen …

Exclusive Album Premiere: R E MO T E VI E W I NG – Modern Addictions

R E MO T E VI E W I NG has been grinding out discordant and experimental sludge rock since its inception in the winter of 2016. Featuring members of Palehorse, Million Dead, Sly & The Family Drone, Nitkowski and Wound (to name but a few) the band a …

Album Premiere: WuW – L’Orchaostre

“Across the mangroves, we will invoke hope.” The two paragraphs that accompany this instrumental symphony of doom conjure up a group of young, dispossessed individuals trudging through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Against all odds, they venture into a …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Machiavellian Art – ‘Watch Them Crawl’

West Midlands five-piece MACHIAVELLIAN ART follow up their self-released and self-titled cassette-only album with their first release proper, Indoctrination Sounds released February 24 via Riot Season Records. A maximalist blowout of sax-honking Noise …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Jessica Moss – ‘Light Falls On Every Door’

This is a ‘performance’ video. But a dream-reflection of what a performance feels like to me; conjuring multiple inner versions of myself to bring to life and sustain this music that was built in layers and over time.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Plastic Barricades – ‘Lucid In The Fall’

‘Lucid in the fall’, the new single from London indie-rock band Plastic Barricades, is out on the 18 November. Written during those never-ending lockdowns, this track will be the first introduction to the band’s new studio album We Stayed Indoors.

Exclusive Video Premiere: LOST IN KIEV – ‘Prison of Mind’ feat. Loïc Rossetti (The Ocean)

For over ten years French cinematic post-rockers LOST IN KIEV have been creating massive, narrative-driven atmospheric rock opuses that have brought them to play on renowned festivals like Dunk!festival and AMFest, as well as on tours with acts like EN …

Exclusive Video Premiere: TWIN DRUGS – ‘Eyelets & Aglets’

Using harsh noise to induce a turbulent trip and soothing vocals for an indefinite high, TWIN DRUGS take you on a hallucinogenic voyage, combining the dreamy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine with the punishing riffing of Metz. Virginia’s Noisy shoega …

Exclusive Video Premiere – ‘Invitation’ by Andert Tysma

On the third single drop from his forthcoming debut album, the Dutch artist and composer Andert Tysma delivers the tender and emotive ‘Invitation’, backed by a truly mesmerising video. Tysma’s neo-classical compositions really do stop the listener in t …

Video Premiere: Schmerz pt. II – Jochen Arbeit and Sonja Kosche

Einstürzende Neubauten guitarist Jochen Arbeit releases his forthcoming album Tier Macht Toene (in English: Animal Makes Sounds) this month, and shares a track today. The album was made with homemade instruments and others built by Sonic Youth guitar builder Yuri Landman. Arbeit is joined on the album by Sonja Kosche.

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