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Articles by Jared Dix

Haq123 – 4

Further refines their attack into a protean pre-teen metal that feels confident in itself and open to all possibilities.

Cherry Pickles – The Juice That’s Worth The Squeeze

Cherry Pickles invite you in to their wonky hand made universe. It’s an invitation worth accepting.

KROM – Misplaced EP

a weighty chunk of dark and swirling rock, well suited to driving into the long dark night of winter.

Shit & Shine – Malibu Liquor Store

There’s plenty of chaos and confusion here still but it might be the brightest and breeziest Shit & Shine have ever sounded and it’s a pretty fine way to be sitting out a lockdown if nothing else.

Legss – Doomswayers

Soaked in urban claustrophobia and a manic uncertainty Doomswayers is ambitious and accomplished, an imaginative shot in the arm.

Black Mekon – The Lumpiness of Demand

garage punk blues in exhilarating two minute buzz saw blasts of jangling anxiety and broken distorto whine.

Reigns – The Walled Garden

A pastoral calm beset by aural hallucinations The Walled Garden is a weird and hidden treasure

Dream Nails – S/T

The energy they radiate is empowerment not grievance, a sense of strength in community. These aren’t protest songs, more songs of identification and celebration, of shared joy and pain.

Grey Hairs – “HALLOWEEN” – Live at JT Soar

Crisp and clear but charged with ‘in the moment’ energy, in a certain light it could be their best record.

BLKLSTRS – Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man is nine chunks of relentless pounding drums, serrated guitar and agitated yelling. It is bracing and delightful.

Shackleton & Zimpel – Primal Forms

The title Primal Forms suggests something irreducible, even basic, but this is music as a primordial ooze, fundamental elements stirred into a bubbling soup of possibilities.

Reciprocate – Yeah Well

The loose song structures are contorted by hyper charged playing, love songs played at full force and high volume to achieve an emotional frenzy.

Sofasonic Festival

With the stroke of a Covid-19 pen, Birmingham’s brilliant but lockdowned Supersonic festival became the virtual, Sofasonic. Jared Dix was sitting comfortably and gives us the full DFS. . .

The Beths – Jump Rope Gazers

Their knack for effortless melody is undimmed and resistance to its charms proves foolish.

Sex Swing – Passovers

What have we learnt here then? This is a pretty solid remix record… If you’ve had enough baking and jigsaw puzzles, it’s not a bad diversion.

Sly & The Family Drone – Walk It Dry

Fresh and alive with ideas Walk It Dry finds Sly & The Family Drone really coming into their own and making their best, most ambitious statement yet.

The Bobby Lees – Skin Suit

The Bobby Lees are a very young band from Woodstock NY and they play the garage punk blues with real fire and wild animal energy like they can hardly stop themselves.

Nihiloxica – Kaloli

A powerhouse African drumming record offset by sci-fi atmospheres and industrial tone blasts.

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin – Stygian Bough – Volume I

Gentle but still epic, ‘Stygian Bough – Volume 1’ is not crushing so much as it is meditative. It looks to a path beyond loss, a journey to light and acceptance.

Various Artists – ISOLATION AND REJECTION: Vol 1

It has been most thoughtfully compiled and programmed so that its strange cargo of rejects contrast and complement one another as part of a remarkable whole. Rare is the compilation that pulls this off so effectively.

Ballpeen – Pachinko

An effective blast of muscular, chaotic hardcore dragged through the noise rock mud.

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