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Ginger, Scottish, CD collector. Love post-metal, post-rock, post-hardcore, post….and world peace.

Articles by Gary Davidson

Hand of Kalliach – Corryvreckan

Corryvreckan is tremendous, it is folk without being twee, metal without being generic and has an appeal even beyond those genres.

Joe Clayton from Pijn, Curse These Metal Hands, No Studio and Floodlit Recordings (+ Exclusive Live Video Premiere)

Gary Davidson caught up with Joe Clayton to hear all about Pijn, No Studio and Floodlit Recordings and the triumphant Curse These Metal Hands 2023 Arctangent set.

Hidden Mothers and Copse

Gary Davidson caught up with Hidden Mothers and Copse to chat through the formative years, Arctangent, their next releases, playing Scotland and Edward Gibbs!

Vægtløs – Aftryk

When music is this full of passion and anguish, language translation does not matter. This will be one of the best post-black screamo albums of the year.

Svdestada – Candela

A classic European mix of screamo and post-hardcore with flashes of black, serves up seven passionate tracks to get the blood pumping.

Star Of Heaven – Live From Öregrund

A stunning live delivery of cinematic post-rock, which is a beautifully perfect example of the genres ability to mesmerise.

Sleepbomb – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Even without the adjacent film the music was created for, Sleepbomb has created a impactful album of atmospheric instrumental post-metal.

Under the Influence with Copse and Hidden Mothers

UK post-black metal bands Copse and Hidden Mothers have announced a short UK tour in February. Gary Davidson asked both bands to pick three albums that left a mark on them which they carried into their respective bands.

Flesh Of The Stars – The Glass Garden

The Glass Garden is now one of my favourite melodic doom albums of the last few years.

Leonov – Procession

Leonov has created a memorable slice of post-metal which oozes individuality and a glowing endurance.

Novere – Nothing Stays Hidden In Darkness

This is most certainly going to be featured on the end of year list for me and is a must listen to post-metal enthusiasts.

Besra – Transitions

Transitions is an expansive and cohesive piece of work which flows brilliantly from the crushing end of post-metal to the more delicate end of the spectrum

Rorcal – Silence

Silence feels like your own worst fears performing an exorcism on you to lift the burden and pain. It is remarkably bleak yet gloriously enjoyable.

Spurv – Brefj​æ​re

Brefj​æ​re is the bands best release to date and has made me fall in love with post-rock once again.

Torpor – Abscission

Torpor has taken its mix of doom, sludge and drone to a new level as it produces one of the top albums in the UK underground this year.

Copse – Old Belief | New Despair

More stunning post-black metal from Copse who continue to show great promise with another blistering EP.

Mairu – Sol Cultus

Has atmospheric post-metal ever sounded this good? A stunning debut.

Will Haven – VII

Will Haven are back with their unique noise take on sludge and possibly their finest album – one that more than matches up to the qualities of the early output.

Kakihara • Row of Ashes • Johanna Rey – 13th Note, Glasgow

£10, five bands, one of Glasgow’s best smallest venues. The line up did not disappoint on a memorable night of hardcore, sludge and banjo punk!

Memorrhage – Memorrhage

This is nu-metal without Durst, the bros, the costumes and melodrama. Memorrhage isn’t just a tribute, it can stand among those that have passed the test of time.

Robin Staps from The Ocean

Robin Staps dives back in time to discuss the early days of Fogdiver, the slow, steady growth of the band, the present and the future.

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