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Supersonic Festival 2022

When artists offer humble acknowledgement of how well they’re being treated by the crew and how nice it is to play for such a welcoming audience it just underlines what a special festival this is.

The Bobby Lees – Hollywood Junkyard EP

If you want to catch The Bobby Lees tearing it up in a small venue, you need to pay attention now. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. 

Petbrick – Ayan

Plays out their love for techno in some style.

Krause – The Art of Fatigue

On The Art of Fatigue, Krause get harder, faster, filthier, gnarlier.

Beneather – Beneather

Like ghosts of songs you once knew, bleeding through from the past.

All Structures Align – Details and Drawings

The music’s quiet self confidence feels like they’ve been steadily working on their skills in the background that whole time. It’s beautifully made, a calming joy to behold.

The Lovely Eggs – Castle and Falcon, Birmingham

The Lovely Eggs hit the stage with little fanfare, blasting straight through four tunes from their last album I Am Moron before stopping for breath. It’s been two years since the album came out. Two long years that this show has been kicked down the ro …

The Linda Lindas – Growing Up

‘Growing Up’ is a good record, varied and accomplished. There’s hope for their future. And that’s a pretty rare feeling these days.    

Psychic Graveyard / USA Nails – Split

US/UK noise punk tag team bring the loud discontent in sharp bursts of tense racket.

Black Mekon – We’ve Learned Nothing

Yeah, sure, it all sounds the same, the first album is rockin’ an’ reelin’, the second one all squallin’ an’ squealin’ but you can most definitely eat both in one sitting with no unwelcome bloating or drowsiness.

Loop – Sonancy

Pulls off the tricky balance between maintaining the band’s core sound and moving it forwards.

The Body + OAA – Enemy Of Love

While The Body paint the bleakest picture of life, their contradictory appeal is still in making you feel less alone in your misery.

Thank – Thoughtless Cruelty

They bristle with ideas and mischief, playing an overheated mix of ugly electronics, widescreen guitars and crackling percussion.

Cat Power – Covers

There is pain in these songs but healing in her voice. Human frailty and beauty. Magic and sorrow and loss.

Richard Dawson & Circle – Henki

Blends Dawson’s remarkable storytelling abilities with Circle’s quicksilver music to delirious effect.

SUNN O))) – Metta, Benevolence. BBC 6Music : Live on the invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs

It’s prime stuff, two hefty ‘Pyroclasts’ cuts and a full half hour long version of ‘Troubled Air’ to float in.

The Pop Group – Y in Dub

Matches the original for its abstract and hallucinatory power.

Clinic – Fantasy Island

buzzes with disco lounge sounds in fake tropical surrounds.

Manchester Psych Fest 2021

The Ritz’s famed sprung dancefloor is doing its bouncy thing beneath a leaping pit of bodies and the air is pulsing and expanding with energy and excitement. Up on stage, Girl Band are tearing the roof off, firing out great chunks of sound that explode …

The Body and BIG|BRAVE – Leaving None But Small Birds

Two of the most exploratory metal acts dig down into the twisted roots of the old weird America.

Haiku Salut – The Hill, The Light, The Ghost

So delicate and effective it sometimes feels as if they left the tape running and it came out of the night air, an elegy from the past.

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