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Ever since I discovered my Dad’s Doors and Alice Cooper records, I have had an all encompassing passion for music. I attended my first gig (The Almighty) in 1994 and have been attending gigs all over the world ever since. I have always been into the heavier side of music but have definite eclectic tastes. hardcore, grindcore, death metal, punk, sludge metal, hip hop and doom are some of favourites but if it’s good I’ll give it a listen and am always on the lookout for new bands, artists and albums. Reviewing albums and gigs is a big passion for me too and am always on the lookout to do more and more.

Articles by Gavin Brown

Mark Segal from Atom Driver and Chris “Crispy” Corvino from Atom Driver / Deadguy

Gavin Brown had a chat with Atom Driver guitarist Mark Segal to hear all about their latest release ‘Is Anything Alright’ and Chris “Crispy” Corvino from Atom Driver / Deadguy.

Sammy Unwin from Employed To Serve

Gavin Brown caught up with Employed To Serve guitarist / vocalist Sammy Unwin to hear all about their latest album ‘Conquering’, triumphs of running Church Road Records and more.

Corpsegrinder – Corpsegrinder

You can’t get enough of listening to one of the finest vocalists in extreme metal history, especially when he sounds as gloriously brutal as he does here.

Empath – Visitor

A fine follow up to a well assured debut album and one that shows how much Empath are developing and delivering as a band.

Ross Dolan from Immolation

Gavin Brown caught up with Immolation bassist/vocalist Ross Dolan to hear all about the band’s new album ‘Acts Of God’, the early days of Immolation, the past and present of New York death metal and still producing such vital music after so long in the game in an insightful and informative interview.

Mario Scinto from Schemata Theory

Gavin Brown caught up with Schemata Theory guitarist Mario Scinto to talk in depth about their new album ‘Unity In Time’ as well as the band’s upcoming tour, the band’s message and how they have developed as a band since they got together.

Eric Chenaux

Gavin Brown caught up with Eric Chenaux for a wonderfully insightful chat to hear all about his new album ‘Say Laura’, his musical career, upcoming UK tour, running his own label and how he came to go solo after years of playing in bands.

Guillaume Rieth from Celeste

Gavin Brown caught up with Celeste guitarist Guillaume Rieth to hear all about their new album Assassine(s) and its creation as well as how the band’s sound has constantly evolved over the years.

Dan and Sam from Helpless

Gavin Brown had a chat with Dan Couch and Sam Trenchard from experimental grindcore band Helpless to talk about their new album, how their music has got more expansive with this record and their recent and upcoming live shows.

Igor Cavalera and Dwid Hellion from Corroded Spiral

Gavin Brown caught up with Igor Cavalera and Dwid Hellion from Corroded Spiral to hear all about how they got together and recorded their debut EP as well as the potential for new material from the project and what other music they have coming up as well.

Amon Tobin

Gavin Brown caught up with electronic music producer Amon Tobin to talk about his latest album and his recent music under various aliases as well as NFTs and the bold plans he has for his label.

Sam Loynes from Voices

Voices have just released their stunning new album Breaking The Trauma Bond and it is an intense listening experience, packed full of the dark avant-garde metal that the band are renowned for. Gavin Brown had a chat all about the new album with gu …

Ben Hutcherson from Khemmis

Gavin Brown talked with Khemmis vocalist and guitarist Ben Hutcherson extensively about the making of their latest album ‘Deceiver’, what went into its creation and how the band members overcame a lot as they were making it as well as putting their own mark on an Alice In Chains classic and their triumphant return to the stage.

Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza from Exodus

Gavin Brown caught with Exodus vocalist Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza to hear all about their latest album ‘Persona Non Grata’, the return of live shows, being on tour as the pandemic hit and the most insane live shows the band have ever played.

Jeff Pezzati from Naked Raygun

Gavin Brown had a chat with Naked Raygun vocalist Jeff Pezzati about their latest album ‘Over the Overlords’ and the band’s return as well as memories and history of Naked Raygun, the punk scene in Chicago, his time in Big Black and having Dave Grohl as a fan.

Jon Davis from Conan

Gavin Brown talked to Conan vocalist/guitarist Jon Davis about the status of the band’s upcoming new album, memorable live shows as well as the amazing video for ‘Paincantation’.

Jared Klein from Rivers Of Nihil

Gavin Brown talked to Rivers Of Nihil drummer Jared Klein to hear all about their new album ‘The Work’ and how it came together as well as hearing about the the evolution of the band and being back on the road after so long.

Ben Savage from Whitechapel

Gavin Brown caught up with Whitechapel guitarist Ben Savage to hear all about their latest album ‘Kin’ and its creation as well as the story behind the album’s songs and much more.

Conan – Rough Trade, Nottingham

On a rainy Friday night in November, the long awaited Conan tour (rescheduled twice for obvious reasons), hit Nottinghams Rough Trade venue and as nights of sheer heaviness go, it was more than worth the wait. . .

Digestor from Ghoul

Gavin Brown caught with Ghoul vocalist and guitarist Digestor to discuss ‘Live In The Flesh’, smashing Nazis, covering Kim Wilde and much more in a very entertaining interview.

Jason William Walton from Snares Of Sixes

Gavin Brown caught up with Jason William Walton to hear all about Snares Of Sixes, the creation of ‘MoonBladder’ as well as his time as bassist of Agalloch and many other bands, his prolific musical output and his love for Lawnmower Deth.

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