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When I was a child, I quite often had a vague feeling that I was being watched. If I ever had to go outside at night, alone, I always found myself sprinting back to the front door, flinging it open, panting, knowing that something horrific was right behind me in the darkness. I would tell myself that I was being silly, but I was never sure. I knew, in the back of my mind, that there was something shapeless and unknown, and it was coming for me.

Beneath The Storm’s Evil Reflection is the sonic channeling of that creepy feeling I had as a child. Melding funeral doom and sludge with ambient noise and dark sampling, Evil Reflection gave me the same shivering feeling that I had after watching my first horror film. I was too young to process what my eyes had scene and my ears had heard, but I was certain that I wouldn’t make it through the night.

Hailing from Slovenia, Beneath The Storm is one man, Igor Simon, who also goes by Shimon. There is little information about whom or what he is. Beneath The Storm has one previous release, Temples of Doom, which was set free to roam the Earth in May of 2013. Just over one year later, Evil Reflection has been birthed and joins its twisted sibling. This new LP is over 60 minutes of terror of the kind that leaves you curled in the corner in a cold sweat, physically whole but mentally shattered.



The entire album feels tense and strained, like the tightness around your wide-open eyes in a pitch black room. The shortest track is just under eight minute; the longest clocks in at almost twenty. The vocals, when they choose to appear briefly from within the fog, are a strained, whispered screaming. The instruments combine to pummel you with doom that is not just a metal genre. This is actual doom, like the Angel of Death being visited upon your firstborn child.

Each of the six strained hymns builds upon one another. The record opens with an airy intro on ‘To Dust’. As soon as it starts, you feel the cold darkness crawling up your arms, making your hair stand on end. ‘Helen’ continues with one of the most sinister samples you’ll wish you never heard. The record culminates in the last track, ‘Frozen’, which is seventeen minutes of agony. I’ve gladly ingested hours of disturbing music over the years, but nothing has given me the creeps quite like ‘Evil Reflection’.

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