Spanish heavy power-trio AATHMA will be releasing their fourth full-length album Dust From a Dark Sun on June 30 2023 via Ardua Music.

Originally formed in Madrid in 2007 as a new project from members of the seasoned bands Glow, Autumnal and Adrift, AATHMA quickly developed their own identity and gained popularity, leading to their 2009 debut album The Call of Shiva being chosen as the best unsigned record by the readers of Terrorizer magazine. Gaining momentum with their next two full-lengths – Decline… Towers of Silence (2011) and Avesta (2017) – the band increased their live activity, including an European tour with the blackened crust punks Khmer, and support shows for diverse renowned artists like Godflesh, Baroness, Forgotten Tomb or Altar of Plagues, as well as celebrated sets at big festivals like Madrid is the Dark, Resurrection Fest, Doom Over Paris or Bracara Extreme Fest.

On Dust From a Dark Sun, the trio pursue a more straightforward approach, with heavier shorter songs that still show the band’s peculiar blend of sludge, different styles of doom and atmospheric metal, with massive wall breaking riffs, mesmerizing ambient passages and frontman and guitarist Juan Viguera’s unique and emotive voice. The record’s lyrical concept revolves around the idea of becoming one with the cosmos after respecting Mother Nature’s creation, when we become dust from that dark star after trying to live a right and respectful life towards all other sentient beings.

The band write:

Dust From A Dark Sun is a personal journey across the universe and into ourselves, as well as our interactions with other people, animals and the natural world. Every single thing we do matters and defines us as human animals.
We aimed to achieve an altered state of consciousness while making and performing this album so that we, along with the listener, could take a deep dive into the cosmos and beyond.
This new record is completely different to any of our previous works, and we sincerely hope that we may connect with someone out there.

The impressive cover artwork has been created by Robert Hernández, one of the most prestigious tattoo artists in the world and the stellar production is courtesy of the band’s longtime collaborator Carlos Santos (Wormed, Toundra) and Víctor García’s (Adrift, Boneflower) crushing mastering.

Dust From a Dark Sun is a fresh-sounding record that avoids pigeonholed stereotypes and will resonate with listeners who yearn for a sincere and moving experience from one of Spain’s most personal heavy acts.The album is released on June 30 via Ardua Music and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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