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Festival Preview: core.

A new exciting underground heavy music festival in Glasgow.

Under the Influence with Curran Reynolds from Body Stuff

Curran Reynolds (ex-Today Is The Day) talks to us about 3 releases that have influenced him and his latest musical project Body Stuff.

Under the Influence with Joni Void

With the release of Joni Void’s 3rd album for Constellation, Everyday Is The Song, we got in touch to ask about 3 records that have been a huge influence.

Under the Influence with Jacob Lee from Elder Devil

Elder Devil guitarist Jacob Lee talks about 3 releases that have influenced him and Elder Devil in the creation of their second album ‘Everything Worth Loving’, out soon on Prosthetic Records.

Festival Review: Roadburn Festival 2023

Sander van den Driesche went to Roadburn Festival 2023 to witness the next step in the festival’s evolutionary journey.

Under the Influence with Jeff Wagner from The Tunnel

Jeff Wagner from San Francisco noir-rockers The Tunnel was kind enough to list three releases that have influenced him and The Tunnel a lot…

Under the Influence with Brad Bynum from Elephant Rifle

Elephant Rifle vocalist Brad Bynum talks to Echoes and Dust about three releases that have influenced him and the band a lot musically.

Under the Influence with Dan Cooley from Foretoken

Dan Cooley from epic death metal band Foretoken talks to us about the core myths and folklore tales that inspired their new album Triumphs.

Exclusive Track Premiere: Ggu:ll x Terzij de Horde – Poison Arrow

Photo by Paul Verhagen Terzij de Horde | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter Ggu:ll | Facebook | Bandcamp Utrecht based Terzij de Horde combine an amalgam of progressive black and doom metal with a rawness reminiscent of extreme hardcore or chaotic screamo. …

Under the Influence with King Yosef

Prolific producer King Yosef releases his new full-length album ‘An Underlying Hum’ soon. We asked him about three records that have influenced him a lot.

The Road to Roadburn: A conversation with Ashenspire, healthyliving and Maud the Moth

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Scott McLean, Amaya López-Carromero and Alasdair Dunn to talk about Ashenspire, healthyliving and Maud the Moth playing at Roadburn Festival.

The Road to Roadburn: 25 Years of Rocket Recordings

This month Rocket Recordings turn 25 years old, which they celebrate at Roadburn Festival. We asked a bunch of Echoes and Dust crew and psych scene stalwarts to pick their favourite Rocket album.

Under the Influence with Him from Sermon

Ahead of Sermon’s new album release through Prosthetic Records, we asked frontman Him to put together 3 releases that have influenced him a lot during his musical career. 

The Road to Roadburn: Chris Dodd from Bad Breeding

After two previous unsuccessful attempts, Bad Breeding is finally playing at Roadburn this year. Sander van den Driesche caught up with singer Chris Dodd to talk about Human Nature, Roadburn Festival and much more.

Under the Influence with Timo Ellis from Netherlands

Multi-instrumentalist, compulsive creator, and unrepentant volume addict Timo Ellis from Netherlands talks to us about 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Under the Influence with Tommy Concrete from Exdestrier

Exdestrier are a new progressive blackened sludge band on the underground heavy music scene of Scotland, and are about to unleash the brutal debut EP, Glorious Barbarism. Guitarist/vocalist Tommy Concrete picked 3 releases that have influenced him a lot.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Matterhorn Well – Sketches For Francis (live session)

Matterhorn Well | Facebook With the help of effect pedals and various playing techniques, Imre De Cauter (Myrddin & Imre De Cauter) and Matthias Dewilde (Nagløed) merge the acoustic and electronic sound worlds. Coincidence, improvisation and minima …

Exclusive Video Premiere: Bruxa Maria – God Gun Scruples

Bruxa Maria | Facebook | Bandcamp Bruxa Maria are back on their third full length; be grateful. Build Yourself A Shrine And Pray is 45 minutes of pummelling, punishing fury as unrelenting and all-consuming as your anger at coming up short for the …

Under the Influence with Fågelle

Emerging out of the nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. Ahead of her new album release next year we asked her about 3 releases that have influenced her a lot.

Under the Influence with John Yelland from Judicator

We talked to power metal band Judicator’s frontman John Yelland about 3 releases that have played a huge part in the making of their new album ‘The Majesty of Decay’.

Under the Influence with God Alone

Irish avant-garde mathrock band God Alone will release their new album ‘ETC’ through Prosthetic Records soon. Check out some of the band’s influences here…

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