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Out on February 3rd through Nuclear Blast (EU) and February 4th through Metal Blade Records (US)

“The Satanist” is a manifesto of a wise man, a free man, a man who dares to say “no” and a man who is brave enough to redefine himself from the very foundation. A man who has the balls to build his own world on the ruins of the old one.” – Behemoth

Nergal, front man of Behemoth was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2010. Despite his dim prognosis, he successfully fought off the disease with an effective bone marrow transplant and the sheer will to fight in order to live. Nergal (Adam Darksi) told Revolver, “There are moments I catch myself thinking about how my state was back then – it was me versus life, me versus death. It definitely changed my thoughts and it’s one hundred percent reflected in the record.”

The body needs to create billions of blood cells a day to function, both red and white. Bone marrow produces these blood cells and has to act quick enough to keep up with the process. Leukemia is the cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Just as leukemia ferociously infiltrates the human body, The Satanist acts in the same way, entering into the blood stream and spreading throughout the body.

The album ruthlessly tunnels its way into the plasma with the same viciousness of blood cancer.  Just as the music rapidly takes over, it simultaneously acts as both radiation and treatment; it’ll drag you down to the furthest depths of despondency moments before injecting strength and renewal back into your vital fluid. The Satanist is a declaration of transformation, a manifestation of willpower and muscle in musical form.


The album ignites like wick to flame; as ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’ starts to play an aroma of plundering evil fills the room. At every hammering of the drums the veins are electrocuted with the warning that something malevolent is on the horizon. You become aware of the calm before the storm. The unmerciful nature of the track begins to damage the blood, causing abnormality to grow and divide chaotically. Songs like ‘Furor Divinus’ and  ‘Messe Noire’ continue to macerate in a malignant way. Antagonistic lyrics couple with violence and further the process of disease. Both songs crawl their way down to the start of the bands death metal roots, embedding their primordial disposition inside of the hemoglobin.

Like an acute form of cancer that spreads rapidly and without remorse, ‘The Satanist’ begins to play. With a menacing beginning and mid-paced thick tone, a transformation begins. The track almost puts the psyche in a trance. Inferno’s tribal drumming reveals itself in sanguine fluid of the self, forcing you to stare into the mirror of your own mortality. Both physically and mentally demoralizing, the songs rhythm will harden the tissue of the heart and make the bones ache.

‘In The Absence Ov Light’ is dynamic and all-powerful. It has a way of putting human strength back into muscle memory, effectively killing the malfunctioning marrow. It is stripped down and archaic, the mantra for survival. With impeccable drumming and masterful guitar work the track tells a story all its own. It beautifully transitions into the final track, ‘O Father, O Satan, O Sun’, a brilliantly multifaceted 7-minute configuration of sound that is undoubtedly the most perfect ending to a flawless chef-d'oeuvre of musical expression.

The Satanist is the seamless push and pull relationship between absolute ruin and the process of rebuilding. It is artistic, organic, and beautiful. The entire album is riddled with musical maturity and fantastic arrangements of sound that are as cathartic as they are apocalyptic. Just as water turns into wine, Behemoth found a way to turn malignant blood into masterpiece.

The Satanist is out on Nuclear Blast/Metal Blade Records on February 3rd in Europe and out on February 4th in the United States. (Side note: Nergal’s actual blood went into the art for this album and you may find that The Satanist will find its way inside of your veins and also on your top 10 list for the year).


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