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And We Are Them are a four-piece band based in Los Angeles, USA that consist of Nicholas Bradford, Jeffrey Chasin, Christopher Matalone and Brian Hollenbeck. They have been making music since 2009 released the Trespass In Transmission EP in 2010 and 'The Swindle EP by the end of 2012. In these releases we can hear how much they like the distorted guitars, aggressive melodies and introspective, violent and devastating lyrics. Among their main influences we find bands like At the Drive-In, Glassjaw, Hum, Russian Circles and Deftones; the result is an interesting mix of genres that sound very good.

Align is their most recent material; it was recorded at Earth Capital Studios by Alex Estrada and self-released in January. It includes four songs that last only 16 minutes. It might seem too short but thanks to the excellent design of the songs and the amazing performances this time is enough to understand what this project is about.

The first song of this album is called 'Present Tense', where a fast drum beat and some guitars filled with effects take our senses by surprise; this shocking rhythm is accompanied by the howls of their singer, he has a style that sometimes recalls to Cedric Bixler-Zavala. This song has a dynamic structure and is so powerful that makes you forget about everything around you and forces you to put all your attention on the music. 'Charm Offensive' is the second track; the melody is slower that the one in the past song, the cadenced rhythm fits perfectly with the voice that resonates melancholically between well-structured riffs.

'Hera' has a faster pace, the composition is outstanding and I want to highlight the guitar arrangements because they have a warm glow and suddenly switch to a rawness that accentuates the raspy and expressive voice of Chris. The drums are powerful as in the rest of the songs and about the base I can say that it takes a discrete but essential part in the shaping of the band’s style. The final piece of this wonderful EP is entitled 'City- State', an extraordinary song where the band decided to experiment exclusively through their instruments, the result is amazing, it was a great surprise for me to find this song after what I heard in the previous tracks.  The timing is perfect and has a rhythm that will make you dance, when we reach the end of the song the sensation is indescribable, we can only press play one more time!

Align is a record that everyone should listen to. I’m sure that And We Are Them will have a long and successful career.  I hope to hear some new tunes soon.

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