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So what do you do when you've put on pretty much the finest celebration of post rock the world has ever seen? Apparently you go out & book Mono, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Ef, team up with Sargent House and pack the undercard with wonderful rising talent like Rumour Cubes, Codes In The Clouds, Karhide, Lost In The Riots & Wicket; bands that readers of these pages may well be familiar with but a wider audience will get the pleasure of for the first time. 

Ahead of their appearance at the festival, we spoke to a number of the bands playing for the first time about what they're looking forward to. Today we talk to Lost In The Riots.

(((o))): On the scale of 7-10 - how excited are you to be performing at this year’s ATG (let’s be honest, anything below 7 won’t be acceptable)?

I think its safe to say we are definitely a 10 on this scale! Three of us went to ATG last year and the instant we got back in the rehearsal space as a band it was clear that the general consensus was 'we HAVE to play that festival one day!' We were incredibly pleased to be approached to play this years festival; ATG is fast becoming the Mecca for bands of the post and math-rock persuasion and this years line up is bordering on the ridiculous!

(((o))): How have you been preparing for this year’s performance and what can we expect from your show?

This years work has been all about writing, recording, releasing and touring for our second album Move On, Make Trails. The album has been demanding of our time (and wallets!), so we have recently taken a month off from playing live to let the album settle and to gather our strength and wits in order to go nuts at ATG. We will hit the rehearsal space a few times soon to hash out a set we think will work for the ATG crowd and that sells us best.

As far as what to expect: a generous smattering of loud riffs, a bit of enthusiastic foot stomping, a healthy dose of head banging, a large amount of dancing, plenty of gurning from the 6 stringers, toplessness and excessive head movement from the 4 stringer and (potentially) a rock solid drummer in a brown cassock.

(((o))): If you went last year (whether as a band or privately) - what were your highlights?

Jim: Cleft playing early on to a packed tent, damned good pizza, Andy drinking pints of wine, knowing so many faces of band members and promoters, laying on my back half-cut listening to TTNG, ASIWYFA blowing my socks off.

Adam: Seeing ASIWYFA for the umpteenth time and still being in awe of how good they are live. Bumping into and hanging out with a ridiculous amount of friendly faces.

Andy: Lots of bands being ridiculous, including Cleft, Polymath, ASIWYFA, Tall Ships, and Public Service Broadcasting. Drinking the odd bit of wine every-now-and-then. Strolling around dressed as a monk for a day - still feeling moderately accepted into the post-rock/math-rock community.

(((o))): What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival - musically and in general (I can’t wait to try a cactus burrito for example)?

Jim: Three Trapped Tigers, Mutiny on the Bounty, Russian Circles, AMTP, ASIWYFA.

Adam: BATS, Enemies, Tall Ships, Alarmist, Samoans for the first time. Topping up my Three Trapped Tigers, TTNG, Lite, Russian Circles, ASIWYFA quotas. Seeing our friendlings in other bands playing excellent music and inevitably making us look bad.

Andy: Enemies and Alarmist are two bands that I've always wanted to see. I'm also very excited to have my first live Russian Circles experience. The new Alpha Male Tea Party material is pretty ridiculous - I'm very excited to see it/smell it in the flesh having had time to absorb it. Three Trapped Tigers - Adam Betts (drums) cannot be human. Maybeshewill as always.

(((o))): If you were to chose two bands to play next year, one headliner and one local, who would it be and why?

Jim: headliner - Cloudkicker, local - Miroist

Adam: This is way too difficult to answer.

Andy - headliner - Balmorhea, local - Patchwork Natives

(((o))): If you were given the chance to DJ one of the silent discos, give us a 5-song playlist of what you’d make us jump around to

A few select cuts from recent and upcoming Lonely Voyage Records DJ sets have featured the following mixed bag of audible goodness:
Vasquez – Low To Be Heavy
Propagandhi – Status Update
Cleft - Gulch
American Football - Never Meant
Totorro - Chevalier Bulltoe
Town Portal – Chronoceros

(((o))): One of the best memories from last year was the always swarmed merch stand. What are you getting prepared for the ATG fans merch-wise? Any exclusives?

Whilst touring in Europe in June we completely sold out of t-shirts and copies of our EP and we've not had the collective funds to get any t-shirts printed up in time for ATG. However, the merch stand will be stocked with copies of our first album Stranger in the Alps and our new album Move On, Make Trails. We're also crossing every appendage to have copies of the new album on double gate fold, coloured vinyl with us too...

(((o))): The great thing about last year was the parade of awesome band t-shirts. Which band t-shirts will your band be sporting?

Jim: This year I will be mostly wearing a Mastodon or Miroist t-shirt

Adam: An array of band and non-band-related t-shirts and if you're lucky, nothing at all (nothing at all... nothing at all...).

Andy: No T-shirts required - the monk outfit has come back from the dry cleaners ready for a repeat of last year's appearance (although it might come with extra customisations this year).

(((o))): Where will we be most likely to bump into you on site?

You'll probably be able to bump into us just after we get off stage as we hurdle over the barriers to be front and centre for Bats. Failing that you'll find us moseying between stages to catch as many bands as we can or at the bar getting an intoxicating beverage of some kind.

(((o))): Who’s on your ‘en route to ATG’ playlist? And who’s your designated driver?

No designated driver as we are all coming separately for one reason or another! En route playlists will probably consist of a selection of bands playing this years ATG to thoroughly drench our collective whistles.


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