By: Mark Wardale

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Released on March 20, 2014 via Bandcamp

A Film In Color hail from New Jersey and earlier in the year dropped a 2 track release consisting of 22 minutes of some really quite epic post rock. I was put onto this by a fellow writer, I say put onto, I just raid her bandcamp page every time she buys something new because she’s always on the ball.

I have to say I wasn’t expecting too much as I prefer to get my teeth into more than just 2 tracks when listening to something new so I can get a feel for a band. Don’t let this put you off in the slightest. To Scale A Mountain opens in such way, that you’re fixated almost immediately to thrusting guitars and the meatiest bass which adds a great Doom element to the whole occasion. The first track, simply titled ‘I’ is not just 9 minutes of crashing around, it has a unique structure to it. And within that structure there’s a nice melody too. After 3 minutes of what feels like glory, the song breaks down into this beautiful post rock symphony of subtle reverbed guitars. This song is so colorful and holds great passion without being too over the top. It has a bit of everything that comes with the sub genres.

Track 2, ‘ii’ is the band showing a little something different with some ambient textures brought into the fray. These guys have a signature sound I think that’s makes them stand out a bit from the rest of the crowd. And remember, this is 3 guys creating this awesome collision of beauty & doom. My favourite part of this song comes in around 8 minutes were it’s like someone threw a bunch of instruments into a volcano and it’s threatening to explode all kinds of wonderful noise, and it does! It’s absolutely mind-blowing.

I can only imagine a full length album from these talented guys would make a lot of people happy, especially me. I only wish this release had more songs on it because both songs are strong enough to be on an album. If you haven’t heard or bought it yet, I highly recommend it. I love it, and you will too.

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