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Released on February 10, 2015 via Bandcamp

It may have only been a matter of months since The Wax Girl released the Anosmic EP with it’s dreamy soundscapes, dense compositions amid downtempo beats. But the man behind The Wax Girl, Alex Wright, feels like it’s been much longer than that, since he’s been so busy making his new full-length album, Between Screens.

The Wax Girl still maintains their relaxed outlook on post-rock with glacially-paced melodies, and layers ebbing and flowing like a slo-mo ocean. The percussion has improved dramatically, it doesn’t have that ‘I created these rhythms on my macbook’ sort of feel to them anymore. They usually sound distant, such as the track ‘Nuclear Winter’. They sound like they were recorded in a very long hallway, giving the piece a lonesome vibe. The Wax Girl takes the distant effects that I’ve heard too much of in other bands and refreshes them, takes ownership of them and gives it a genuine feeling; no easy feat.

It also makes sense to use effects like that with an album title like Between Screens. The title could very well be inspired by a long distance relationship, two people forlornly staring at their laptops. Or, inspired by someone who has become separate from the world around them, living from screen to screen with hardly a word spoken to another human being. Here’s what Alex Wright has to say about it:

“Without giving away too much, for me the title is a reflection of modern day relationships and how technology is disconnecting us. It’s obviously open to interpretation, but there’s a very personal (and tragic) experience behind the title. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to share that part. I also like to hear people’s own interpretations.”

Comparing this to his last release, he’s really come a far way as a musician and an artist. Every single track sounds more mature and well thought out, whereas some tracks on ‘Anosmic’ sounded a bit too much like a groove or a repetitive beat. And while the “Anosmic” EP sounded very polished, some of the tracks weren’t very big, they didn’t really bring any volume to the table. And that’s okay, sometimes you need to think small, but “Between Screens” is much bigger in terms of compositions and instrumentation, with a very cinematic or grandiose feeling throughout. He’s really fleshed out his talents for all to see.

This beautiful album is a great step forward for Alex Wright, and a great step in the right direction. Everything about this album makes the hair on my arms rise and creates goosebumps all over. I would recommend you listen to this with headphones, or while driving through a thick patch of fog.

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