Peacock Affect from UK:

In 50 words or less, tell us what you sound like?

I sound like some sad guy who doesn’t have a life, which is exactly what I am and in return it makes my music more emotional, at least for the most part.

I think it’s a difficult one to answer because it’s hard to explain sounds, a lot of people have told me my previous music sounds like The Smiths but I really think my music has developed and matured as I’ve gotten older.

In 100 words or less, tell us why we should listen to you?

You should listen because I’m really good, basically. Everyone thinks different things though, so think whatever you like.

That’s the nice thing about arty things like music, there’s no first place or second place, it’s just mainly about what you’re into.

If you had to pick one of your tracks for our readers to listen to, which would it be?


What’s the story behind the ‘Spaceship’ video?

It was mainly (the director) Joe Baughman’s idea, but it’s about childhood and how it just slips away before you know it, and the characters are trying to get back into that state of mind you have as a child, but at the end you realise it’s too late and it’s gone, and society won’t accept you acting like a child.

I hope Joe doesn’t mind me saying that for him, you can always ask him about what the video’s about as he did it all, not me.

Give us 3 bands you’d recommend we listen to?

Listen to Flatsound, he’s written some really really amazing stuff. Julien Baker, and Luckless.

What inspires your music?

Elliott Smith inspires me a lot. And just other random music. I like dark and creepy things and movies and things that I see visually, they inspire my lyrics a lot. As long as I’m in the mood to make some music I will make it, so my mood is a big deal.

What we say:

Peacock Affect’s music has the ability to instantly transport you to a melancholic, yet peaceful state of mind. George’s lulling vocals immediately draw you in, while gentle guitars and crafted arrangements create an expansive soundscape for any lost soul to escape to.

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