By: Glory Gene

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Mohawk, Austin, TX | August 11, 2016

On an exceptionally brutal summer evening Wye Oak played the last show of their tour at Mohawk. The air surrounding the outdoor venue was thick and hot causing defective equipment and sweat in undiscovered body crevices. Nonetheless, the show drew a substantial crowd of die-hards and sets went on without a hitch. Wye Oak’s supporting band Tuskha, another duo, was the only opener.

Tuskha played a set of songs that would draw comparisons and please fans of Alt-J. Their mellow electronic and worldly-inspired beats were a nice start to the night. The sound was so tight you would think you were listening to the in between set music. The band’s sound was surprisingly full and polished. Their on stage banter was full of tour anecdotes and shout outs. It was easy to see this band was still sincerely spirited this late into the tour.

Wye Oak set up with fans cooling their amps and smiles on. Jenn Wasner, a one woman charm bomb, had a presence that was full of grace and positivity while she cracked melodramatic jokes about dying from the heat. Andy Stack’s multi-instrumentalism was effortless. The beginning of the set was dedicated to sharing tracks off of their new effort Tween. The songs on this album harken a return to their more melancholy affects. A minimal amount was played from their more experimental album Shriek. ‘The Tower’ was played in favor of their single ‘Glory’. One of the best moments of the show was Jenn sneakily and subtly playing her way into ‘Civilian’ with a flawless and earnest delivery. The band left the stage after declaring an eager gratitude for getting through tour with the help of their fan base and promoters as they hit a ten year milestone this year. Then of course they came back for an encore with ‘Holy Holy’ sharing one last burst of the grittier accents that make their music so remarkable.

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