By: Richard Collins

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Released on September 30, 2016 via Southern Lord Records

Okkultokrati are a heavy rock band from Olso, Norway. Where the fuck would we be without Norway? They have a good handful of releases on local Norwegian labels and whilst I’ve always viewed them as an interesting punk rock band, nothing has really had much of an impact to give them any kind of regular rotation on my music box. However, they’ve now teamed up with Southern Lord to bring us Raspberry Dawn, which is a very interesting move and one that could potentially lead to world domination if it’s done right. Does it deliver? You fucking bet it does, this album is one of the best things I’ve heard for ages.

The opener ‘World Peace’ kicks us off with a rather hypnotic riff, it’s delicate and dreamy and by the time the synth and the snarling vocals kick in you’re listening to psych and punk fused on another level. There’s so much more going on compared to their previous work. It’s weirder, darker, more uplifting, rawer and polished, which is bizarre because many of these elements completely contradict each other.

I’ve never heard anything like it but if you think Brainbombs jamming with Circle then you’re in the right territory. It could also potentially be compared to Ireland’s No Spill Blood, delivering frightening heaviness mixed in with jaw dropping synth. Raspberry Dawn has a flawless epic consistency, whether you are being forced into uncomfortable, dark terrain in the slow and scary ‘Suspension’ or bowing to the skies during the exhilarating ‘Hard to Please, Easy to Kill’, you’ll be having a great fucking time. It’s all absolute dynamite!

Raspberry Dawn is an album that’s been very well thought out, the level of song writing is just insane and the production is absolutely spot on. It relentlessly delivers moments of pure magic, which makes it an incredible experience from start to finish. It’s a dangerous boiling pot of punk, goth, black metal and noise rock that sets the standard for heavy rock right now. If you’re into anything from The Stooges to Årabrot then Raspberry Dawn is going to melt your bones.

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