There is no escape from the bad news. It’s on every news stand, every TV screen, in every conversation, on every social media page, with 24-hour news updates to remind us. There is no respite. So just imagine how good it would feel to be totally unaware of everything? Imagine a world with no screens, no TV, no newspapers, no bad news?

This was the thinking behind the song ‘Blissfully Ignorant’, the first single from John Garrison’s forthcoming new album, Extinguisher.

Garrison’s personal attempts at finding some kind of peace of mind in these modern times of polarised politics, economic turmoil, hatred, terrorism, pandemic and 24-hour TV are portrayed in this story of his own personal struggle to find calm in the midst of the storm.

The schizophrenic, extreme dynamics of the song mirror the extreme range of thoughts and emotions going on inside most people’s minds these days. Complete with the inevitable lapses of concentration that lead to the mental crashes and the distortion of inner peace. Until the next time we let ourselves “switch off, close our eyes, take a breath, and feel the benefit. . .”

‘Blissfully Ignorant’ is released on October 30 and can be pre-ordered here

Extinguisher will be released on December 4.


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