Human Worth are proud to present the killer new album from The Eurosuite, available to pre-order from 3 February with a portion of proceeds donated to charity. The Eurosuite consist of four lovely people who make disquieting no wave songs that will equally pierce your ear drums and move your hips. Their previous musical endeavours include USA Nails, Nitkowski, Screen Wives and Mister Lizard. Sorry is the name of the second album, with song subjects including deteriorating homes, body parts, the film Se7en and television dreams.Human Worth have pressed up a super limited run of fluro green vinyl, featuring the beautiful artwork of Daniel Holloway, with 10% of proceeds donated to charity Southall Black Sisters – a leading organisation for blackand minority women and girls in the UK.

Of their new video director Gareth Thomas writes: ” ‘I thought your hand was a cup of water’ is about that moment before you fall asleep. Everything feels lucid, weird, familiar and nightmarish. The band were kind enough for me to have creative control for the video. I had this looping room theme in my head when writing the lyrics for this song, accentuated by Mike’s unsettling synth drone.”


Sorry releases on March 10, 2023 via Human Worth and can be purchased here.

The Eurosuite are:
D.Holloway – vocals
Gareth.T – drums
Mike.N – synth
Mike. K – guitars
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios, London
Artwork by Daniel Holloway‘
Video Directed by Gareth Thomas


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