Omnibadger‘s Phil Malpass and Jase Kester tell us The Most Important Things about their new album and their video premiere…

“We started thinking about our second album, and it seemed like we had several strands of what we did, a nihilistic side, a bit of an unhinged side, noise and some semblance of songs. We were also playing 20 min live sets, which were all extending a single idea. Liking the idea of coherent albums I said, ‘which version of ourselves should we be for this?’, and Phil said ‘let’s do all of them’.”

“When you’re in a band situation you can often find yourself having a ‘yeah but we’re not really going to do that’-type conversation. . . We decided to embrace the ideas that in other situations might be the ‘we’re not really going to do that though’ ideas, and do them. And that sometimes meant doing a conventional verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure that we might otherwise reject.

“This has been one of the tracks from the album that we’ve played live a few times so we thought for the video we’d do a live version from our rehearsal room.”

Famous Guitar Licks Vol III. is released on May 26, 2023 via Cruel Nature Records. The seven-track album, recorded by Dan Rowley, mixed by Seth Manchester (The Body, Full of Hell) and with artwork by Dan Holloway (USA Nails/Eurosuite) is available for pre-order on transparent yellow vinyl, cassette and digital via Bandcamp.

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