Andert Tysma

Originally released on the R&S Records sub-label Global Cuts in 1993, ‘20HZ’ by Capricorn became the breakthrough track for its creatorHans Weekhout, a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who started his career recording and mixing for international artists such as Falco and Ian Gillan.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this behemoth anthem, R&S Records have enlisted an eclectic line-up of artists to add their own touches to a suite of remixes. London based producer Vromm has a penchant for UK bass and beats culture, and his remix of ‘20HZ’ really spins the original upside down, deconstructing and rebuilding over granite hard beats. Italian DJ/producer Marco Lys stays true to the original, deploying a fresh and modern take and aiming it squarely at the dancefloor. And as a DJ who helped break this record on its original release, it’s befitting that Carl Cox puts his stamp firmly onto it, jacking up the drums and turning up a big-room monster version.

In our featured video, however, Dutch composer and Apollo Records artist Andert Tysma turns the track on its head yet again, reinterpreting ‘20HZ’ as a sublime ambient piece, accompanied by some tender piano work and soaring strings – the chilled-out composition complemented by Gala Mirissa‘s looping, entrancing animations in celebration of rainforest culture.


‘20HZ’ (Remixes) by Capricorn is available on R&S Records from 16 June 2023 and be pre-ordered here.

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