A Reminder are an American alternative rock band formed in West Los Angeles by long-time friends, bassist/vocalist – Jonathan Burkes, drummer – Kenny Ramirez, guitarist/vocalist – Richard Abagon, and keyboardist – Edwin Portillo. 

Their music is expressed through a blend of ambient, post-shoegaze, and hard rock. Exploring alternate time signatures and injected with melodically empathetic to raging vocals, A Reminder weaves texturally moody guitars with brooding layers of sub-synth bass and pads. The group acknowledges their infusion of subtle nods to a broad range of metal, indie-dream pop, post-rock, and progressive rock influences within their sound. 

The band recalls arriving at their name through the feeling of what initially reminded them and “inspired us all to make music and to never grow old”. That motif kept appearing as an affirmation of mindfulness and awareness of the gift of presence within creativity and daily life. The song, ‘A Reminder’ by Radiohead came on one day and all of these similar themes collectively added to the realization that everything was a reminder and that the band now had a name and a direction. 

A Reminder will release their first full-length album, Only The Silence in You in September 2023. The album encompasses a wide range of emotionally and musically dynamic performances canying the listener through a sweeping exploration of atmospheric and hard alt-rock bombast. The eight-song self-produced album was recorded in the band’s West Los Angeles Studio and will be available on all major digital platforms with a 12-inch vinyl variant.

Our featured single,  ‘Another Day’ a wistful shoegaze nod to MBV and Slowdive-era fuzz tones with its melodically dreamy chorus creating the swoony soundtrack to your summer crush. 



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