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I’m Jody, Manchester based Somerset ex-pat. Decided early on that I was a much better scientist than I was a musician. Still play guitar, mandolin and the odd bit of bass when required, if only as a hobby now.First live gig was Pink Floyd in 1994 and have seen many and varied bands since, everywhere from stadiums, cathedrals and even someone’s sofa and everything from metal bands to a string quartet.A wise man once said to me “There are only two types of music, stuff you like and stuff you don’t.”

Articles by Jody Dunstan

Sugar Horse – Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

It’s a refreshing change from the endless stream of generic heavy music from bands with scary-sounding names.

Great Falls – Objects Without Pain

It is an emotional record and not an easy listen but is something that is worth perseverance, when you get passed the in your face nature of the music there is a lot more to find.

Liam and Ari from Hidden Mothers – ArcTanGent 2023

After an exhilarating first ArcTanGent show, Liam and Ari from Hidden Mothers sit down with Jody Dunstan to talk about humble beginnings, their upcoming album, and blowing away hangovers with blastbeats.

ArcTanGent 2023

Rather than give a play-by-play review of ArcTanGent, I want to write about a few of my personal highlights of the festival. The beauty of the setup is that you can dip in and out of sets; nothing is more than a few minutes’ walk away. . .

Carson & Dan from The Callous Daoboys at ArcTanGent 2023

Carson and Dan from The Callous Daosboys sit down for a quick chat ahead of their wonderful set at ArcTanGent 2023 to talk about their first trip to the UK, doing whatever they want and winning over crowds.

CLT DRP at ArcTanGent 2023

Scott, Annie and Daphne from CLT DRP took time to sit down with Jody Dunstan at ArcTanGent (when they probably should have been sound checking) and discussed making music during a pandemic, stealing fans and growing as a band.

Dylan Desmond – Bell Witch at ArcTanGent 2023

Before their magnificent show at ArcTanGent, Bell Witch’s Dylan Desmond sat down with Jody Dunstan for a deep dive into their process of musical creation… and spaghetti.

Harry and George from Death Goals at ArcTanGent 2023

Before their chaotic show at ArcTanGent, Harry and George from Death Goals had an equally chaotic chat with Jody Dunstan and discussed acceptance, making music with your friends and their love for the festival.

Simon Barr from Dawn Ray’d at ArcTanGent 2023

Jody Dunstan caught up with Dawn Ray’d’s Simon Barr for a quick chat about the perils, pitfalls and positives of being in a protest band.

LLNN at ArcTanGent 2023

LLNN sat down with Jody Dunstan before their blistering set at ArcTangent 2023 and talked about recording sounds from a blacksmith’s forge, writing “stupid” riffs and pushing the boundaries of cinematic and very heavy music.

Serena Cherry from Svalbard at ArcTanGent 2023

After a stunning show at ArcTanGent 2023, Svalbard’s Serena Cherry sat down with Jody Dunstan to discuss the fans’ reaction to their music, their creative process and what to expect from their upcoming album.

Festival Preview – ArcTanGent 2023

ArcTanGent, the Bristol-based, independent festival starts tomorrow, with a variety of over 50 acts. Jody Dunstan steers carefully through the clash-finder and picks out his personal favourites.

Pupil Slicer – Blossom

It’s rare for a band to hit their stride so soon, especially in such complex and multi-faceted music but they manage it well and have created a very heavy, aggressive and exciting album. 

Big|Brave – Soup, Manchester

Big|Brave played a show that took their latest album (which they played in full) to a different level. Earth shatteringly heavy at times, with lovely, textured sounds at others, the sheer volume and dynamics the band command take their live show to another dimension.

Rad Pitt – Pitt Happens

A new vocalist has breathed some new life into the band and at the same time brought back the short, sharp and aggressive sound from their earlier work. It’s a fun album. It would be good to see this band get some more exposure and a band that I am looking forward to seeing live.

Conan – Evidence of Immortality

Conan have proved themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the doom/sludge scene. Consistent but not dull and they continue to produce albums that are not only familiar but also move the genre forwards and keep things interesting for the listener.

Emma Ruth Rundle and Jo Quail – Stoller Hall, Manchester.

Seeing these two musicians in such a venue was, in short, a wonderful experience. The crowd were respectful and totally absorbed by the music. Both acts were faultless, despite them both playing different sets in a very different setting than they are probably used to. It was intimate, very personal and a pleasure to be able to spend a few hours enjoying the music.

DVNE – Etemen Ænka

This is exciting, emotive and extremely enjoyable. If you have an hour spare, give this a listen and you will be handsomely rewarded. If there is any justice in the world this album should get DVNE a much wider fan-base.

Alpha Male Tea Party – Infinity Stare

Alpha Male Tea Party have used the pain and strong emotions they undoubtedly felt and ran with their emotions to create something that is familiar but different. Heavier than their previous work but also creative musically, mature and well-executed. 

Palm Reader – Sleepless

It’s a finely crafted, frankly, very good album. It shows a band on a journey and not afraid to experiment. There is everything from heavy as hell, thick riffs to melodic piano and brass. I truly hope there are some music venues to go back to hear this music live

Beneath A Steel Sky – S/T

Beneath a Steel Sky is an interesting album and they touch on a variety of different styles and emotions in a short album. I hope the band can build on the work they have done here and really explore and build on the roots of what they have created. There is depth to their music and despite the isolation some mutual understanding of each other.

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