Oak – Disintegrate

Disintegrate feels almost tailor-made for the doom crowd – the colossal scale, melancholy and misery are all hallmarks of the classics while the sense of timelessness that’s so deeply intertwined with its themes feels very much on-brand for a genre so primordial in nature.

Tycho – Dive

It is that kind of sound that creates an atmosphere, backed by light beats and rhythms, and includes subtle backing of acoustic instruments, something that many listeners prefer as their late-night listening.

Enmesher – Tribulator

This is a very good release that Enmesher have brought to the table where they’ve unleashed some hell.

Best Fern – Earth Then Air

Music that is at the same time melodic and easy to take in while still weaving in complex musical elements so characteristic of modern jazz and classical music.

Sightless Pit – Lockstep Bloodwar

Emotionally it might not escape the same dank dungeon where The Body and Full of Hell are found but it sees Buford and Walker at play in the ashes and ruin.

Leon Alvarado – Charging The Electric Dream

It’s exhilarating, terrifying, intense, and pushing us over the edge of the cliff, not knowing when the parachute will start its deployment sequence.

Ibukun Sunday – Mantra

Sunday leaves practically any rhythms and beats behind and goes for true mood and feel, making his music sound like true world music – something that could have originated anywhere on this planet.

Ropes Inside a Hole – A Man and His Nature

A Man and His Nature is an album about isolation, soaked in isolation, recorded in isolation. A dark, brooding slab of European post-metal.

What Strange Beasts – Starlight’s Castaways

What Strange Beasts manage to navigate through this psych/prog ‘beast’ with such poise and ease that makes ‘Starlight’s Castaways’ a must for all the fans of the genre(s).

Sweet Baboo – The Wreckage

There’s a strong sense of the Canterbury Sound through The Wreckage, more than helped by some of the more jazzier elements.

Caravela Escarlate – III

A knock-out punch after another, Caravela Escarlate have done it again. They truly captured their story-telling vibes and give it a real state of shock, that is almost like a volcano waiting to erupt!

Oozing Wound – We Cater To Cowards

It’s great. Part thrash, part grunge, all Ooze.

Skáld – Huldufólk

Vocally and instrumentally, it’s a triumph of tradition and virtuosity.

Uriah Heep – Chaos & Colour

It’s a fine return for Uriah Heep to unleash those mighty dragons who breathe fire out of their mouths, and roar like crazy!

Bruxa Maria – Build Yourself A Shrine And Pray

They may tour in a battered transit van but they sound like a fleet of bombers approaching.

The Zephyrs – For Sapphire Needle

You can also hear that The Zephyrs are actually trying (and succeeding) at updating not only the sound of the original band but all the musical inspirations you can sense and hear in their music—a fully successful comeback.



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