The Cellophane Flowers are an interesting bunch. Clearly influenced by the 80s and 90s (in fact their singer sounds something like a cross between Siouxsie Sioux and Chrissie Hynde) but they bring a thoroughly modern sensibility to it, mixing quirkyness with pop catchiness, making a great blend for right now. We had a chat to find out more.

(((o))): How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

The four of us first played in a room together in 2006 but before that Nick and Ian played together in a previous band. Francesca we found through an ad in the NME and Luca was found in the pub. We all had such different influences we had to start a band!

(((o))): Where did you get your name from & what does it mean?

It’s about a world of manufactured beauty, a plastic soul. We didn’t get it from the Beatles, not intentionally anyway.

(((o))): Describe your sound for us & who would you say were your biggest musical influences?

We say psycho-pop, but some of the comparisons we get in our reviews are frankly bizarre! We have a real pop sensibility in how we pump our music out, but we throw in elements of prog, alt-rock, surf, folk, you name it. The results are as varied as our backgrounds. Our influences change week by week, but if it’s melodic and different, chances are we like it.

(((o))): And what about non-musical influences?

Fashion has a play in what we do, we certainly have experimented over the years, plus we have decided to have our album launch in Paper Dress Vintage! Also a good tipple certainly is in order, often you will find Nick discussing his particular taste in Gin.

(((o))): Music can be a fickle mistress, what is your biggest high & low as a band so far?

Our biggest high so far would have to be having the opportunity to record an album with Dave Allen, he has recorded some classic albums with quite a few bands we love and are influenced by so it was a great having him as a mentor during this creative process. As for lows, well we certainly have had our fair share, lugging our equipment around the country to some dirty dives to play to just a man and his dog (occasionally quite literally).

(((o))): What one fact about the band do you most want to share with the world?

We are very proud of the material we have recorded, but we put on a cracking live show. We have fun and we want our fans to have fun. So whenever we get the chance, we try and paint our fans faces. Seriously, it’s all about a bunch of people coming together to enjoy themselves and whatever helps, we’ll do. And we need to cheer people up after they hear our lyrics.

(((o))): The old model of record demo-do gigs-get signed-make millions is pretty broken these days, what’s your plan to deal with this?

Well, as all bands in their early days, we went down that road and it really gets you nowhere. We have come to take a very DIY approach to everything we do as a band and show this is real a badge of honour. You can see this in the setup of our live shows to album artwork we create. The people we work with also share the same passion as us for being creative and trying to bring that real enthusiasm that the majority of the music industry just cannot produce these days.

(((o))): We journalists like to use easy labels to describe bands, what’s the worst thing you’ve seen yourselves described as?

Oh we can’t tell you that! But certainly we had our fair share of crossed wires with journos, so we just describe ourselves as psycho-pop. We’re not sure exactly what it means but it sounds about right and at least it’s confusion on our own terms!

(((o))): We’re loving what you do but who’s floating your boat right now (and why)?

Bat For Lashes’ new album ‘The Haunted Man’ is pretty wicked, some eerily beautiful songs. Natasha has really grown since her first album and shed all the crazy theatrics but managed to keep the mysticism that is her signature. A lot of bands could learn a lot from her.

(((o))): What’s up next for you guys?

Get the album out on the 3rd of December, then to keep playing, keep recording, keep touring. And maybe get a pet. Who knows.

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