It's been a real delight watching this band grow and develop with such speed over the last year.

Since the release of their demo in April 2012, Bloody Mammals have not slowed down for a second, playing lots of carefully chosen gigs across the country, recording and releasing a limited edition CD How Could I Hate You... I Made You// Total Thunder, sharing bills with the likes of Castrovalva, Bovine, Eschar, Poino and Axes, to name a few, and now releasing their first full-length record Eventually Your House Will Fall Down.

A clear hunger for success and a passion for what they do is a great foundation for this unstoppable quartet, who show significant improvement with every gig and every record they release. This latest record is nothing short of a post-hardcore triumph.



Taking a second to settle you in with some feedback, the opening track 'This Neighbourhood Is Cursed' blows up in your face with an immensely catchy hook, retaining all the raw might and fury of our punk ancestors, while blasting you into the next century with brilliantly produced shifts and an excellent command of dynamic ranges. Considering no song is longer than two or three minutes (with the exception of the final track 'The Lighthouse, The Sailor, The Sea'), they manage to pack in a huge amount of changes, verses, choruses, highs, lows and a shitload of adrenaline!

The intro flows beautifully into the title track, which encapsulates all of the energy, raw vocal fury, delicate guitar work, well-placed punchy basslines and constant shifts that one is coming to expect from Bloody Mammals.

This album is the perfect punk album for the modern hardcore fan. It retains great catchy melodies without ever being clichéd or cheesy, has a huge amount of energy to spill into the room and the song-writing is imaginative enough to keep you guessing all the way through without the changes ever being abrasive.

With all the forethought and planning that is apparent in everything they do, they manage to save their most challenging song for the end. 'The Lighthouse, The Sailor, The Sea' starts off with a gentle pace that allows you to sink into the riff but still catch your breath after the rest of the album. Halfway through, the pace picks up and the song gently rises to a more fervent crescendo, always building, with hints of vocal harmonies far back in the mix, until the music suddenly stops and you are left with nothing but perfect a cappella vocals giving you a perfect sense of finality and leaving you completely satisfied.

What makes Bloody Mammals even more remarkable as a band is how totally independent they are. They are made up of promoters, ex-band managers, graphic designers and print artists (and musicians), which has enabled them to produce a range of stunning merchandise, imaginative packaging for their records and score some heavy-hitting gigs early in their career. They are a super group of creative minds who know what they want and are going to get it. On their terms.

Arguably there is no individual section of music on this latest record that is breaking its way into completely fresh ground for the genre, but when one sees the ferocious momentum that Bloody Mammals have built up in one short year of impressive milestones, the huge leaps they improve by with every new song written and every release, it is hard to imagine how they will take much time to carve out a special niche for themselves in musical history with a sound that is distinctly theirs.

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