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GLACIALS is a five piece band from London comprised by Jaemi Zahra-Hall (Guitars & Electronics), Kenneth Joseph (Guitar), Sen Xu (Drums), Ozon (Bass) & Kathryn Mae (Vocals), a multicultural set of musicians that claim to play Post-Rock, Math-Rock and Shoegaze but instead have created an eclectic sound that evokes some great bands like Good Weather For An Airstrike, Mogwai, Aphex Twin, Nirvana and At The Drive-In, all mixed with soft female vocals that may sound like Sinead O’Connor but with a warmer feeling.

On October 22nd they released their first EP, We Are Serious and We Mean It, a six track collection that was recorded with David Jackson on bass and Arielle Renwart on vocals instead of the regular members. I find this EP really refreshing because even when we can sense a little bit of all their influences we never know what is going to happen next, one track can be calm and full of distorted guitars and the next one might start with screams and powerful riffs. It is an exciting experience that lasts only 26 minutes!

'Sweet Tooth Pink Wrist' is the first track, it welcomes us with an ambient atmosphere and the seductive voice of Arielle setting a beautiful environment that at some point speeds up but remains calm until the end. This lovely song was chosen as the first single of the album, the video is a piece of art, written, produced, directed and shot by the talented artist Tyler Hurd. 'SE-Laiyf Horse' continues with the melody of the previous track but in an organic way; a guitar takes control trying to hide the darkness that rides behind its friendly sound. 'Away At Pace' and its happier rhythm travels through gorgeous crescendos and melodic guitars while the voice amazes us with its incomparable flexibility going from desperation to desolation in the same track.

Heavily distorted guitars open the fourth track 'Appreciator', which sounds more like a post-Apocalyptic song mixed with the old but awesome screamo, the riffs are impressive, drums and bass create a powerful setting that all the headbangers will enjoy; suddenly it morphs into '(ride it like a cowboy)' a bunch of synthetized sounds mixed with distorted guitars and some other electronic noises that act as an interlude; ‘Poindexter’ is the final song and my favorite of this EP. This song combines all the features of this great band; it starts with a piano playing a slow rhythm but as soon as the voice enters more sounds start to appear and in the middle of the song an electronic buzz leads to a crescendo that delivers a powerful riff that accompanied by strong drums sets the perfect ending to this short but amusing EP.

We Are Serious And We Mean It is available on a beautiful clear 12" Vinyl limited to 200 copies and as Free Download through their Bandcamp.

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