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So, I have a confession to make.  I live probably not more than 15 miles away from Lisburn, the city that Mojo Fury hail from. I have heard of them and even seen the band's name posted around Belfast on posters and in magazines but up until now I have never heard any of the guys music, please forgive me and have mercy on my musical soul because I have just heard the new album The Difference Between and may I say that it is divine. With this piece of musical goodness I honestly have to say I have really been missing out on as this album is some of the best shit I've heard all year.

The album opener 'Safe In The Arms' is a slow boiler of a tune with an almost lazy sounding drum fill and all awash with bubbling feedback and lumbering bass that builds up into an anthemic chorus before hitting a really beautiful wee string interlude before hitting the chorus once again. No time to catch your breath as you are thrown straight into 'Origami Bird' a kind of up tempo stomp with all fuzzed up instruments and Michael Mormecha's great vocals tinged with the local accent shining through, which for me is great as I hate local bands putting on a fake US accent when singing. The quirky 'All In Awe' is next with great use of the piano and understated guitar blending perfectly.



I'm really struggling with the need to describe every song on The Difference Between as each and every one of 'em is fuckin' great. The album really does cover a wide variety of genres from the funk of 'MBBM' the prog rock grooves of 'The Difference Between' to the electronic undertones of 'Iris Influential' and 'Tear This World Apart' yet each one is so unique to the Mojo Fury sound. The song writing skill and structure contained within is an absolutely Grade A and uncut aural pleasure that leaves the ears addicted and craving more.

I'm left here cursing myself for leaving it so long before checking out Mojo Fury as I genuinely believe that the guys have a unique style and sound and proves how diverse the fantastic bands from this wee dump station can sometimes throw out to the masses. I hope that great things happen for Mojo Fury with The Difference Between as this doesn't just deserve to be heard, it demands it. As I have said I struggled not to write about each and every one of the 12 tracks on the album but I wouldn't want to spoil all the great surprises for you on offer. So I challenge you to listen up and give your goddamn ears some aural pleasure.

Here endeth the sermon!!

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