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Nuborg is a new project from Norwegian singer-songwriter Gunhild Nyborg. In an unusual & interesting new concept, NuBorg will be releasing a track from the new album on the 15th of every month until the entirety of the album is released in August of this year. The latest track Sliding off the edge of the world is already out now. Self-described as the new sound of ambience, having released 4 previous tracks from the album already, NuBorg certainly strives and accomplishes living up to this statement.

Dominated by haunting vocals, the first thing you notice about Gunhild Nyborg is her ethereal idiosyncratic voice that could be compared to the likes of Kate Bush. Sliding off the edge of the world starts with dark, atmospheric effects and layers of ambient guitar by Bjørn Charles Dreyer which continue throughout the background of the track. Marius Reksjø’s slow melodious bass line kicks in in unison with the dense heavy rhythm of drums from Erland Dahlen. Over all of this, Gunhild’s voice shines out almost tangibly. She imparts a unique and strong melodic delivery with attentively thought out lyrics. Isolated from the seductive bass line and slow heavy drums, her wispy vocals grab a hold of you.

Nuborg states their musical influences are Massive Attack, Portishead, Snow Patrol and Ultravox and it certainly shows in their song arrangements and compositions. All songs are written by Nuborg with a few collaborations with notable songwriters including Christopher Neil (Sheena Easton, Celine Dion, Cher), Martin Sutton (LeeAnn Rimes, Backstreet Boys), Odd Jensen (Ronan Keating), Ron Roker (Tina Charles), Sarah McLellan, Andy Pearce and Rick Norton.

NuBorg will continue releasing a new track each month displaying their strong and diverse musical range. The next coming release will be May 15th.

Previously released tracks include Sparks, Patagonia, I lie a lot and Away with the fairies.

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