Young Widows

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Released 13th May 2014 via

Temporary Residence

The music of Young Widows is honest, real and raw. All of that and more is present on their most recent full length, Easy Pain. The band continue to explore corners and fringes of their already unique style and sound with this album.

'Godman' gets it started with some sci-fi like echoes that bounce back and forth for a few seconds, and then the band come stomping in. An enormous and thunderous sound that just feels good when you hear it oozing out of the speakers.

Young Widows songs are infectious and seductive. That quality really comes out on what I believe to be the albums darkest track, 'Cool Night'. It is as absorbing as it is sinister all the way through. 'Kerosene Girl' is a bruiser and begins with some bubbling and rhythmic bass along with sinister clean guitar mixed in. It steams along at a quicker pace than most of the other tracks, but comes at the perfect time.

'Doomed Moon' and 'Gift of Failure' are probably my two favourites. 'Gift of Failure' starts with an elegant opening and then erupts into absolute mayhem shortly after. 'King Sol' is the albums epic and the vocals sound very much like someone getting something off their chest. An extremely heartfelt song. The 'Last Young Widow' bring things to a close with even more power and fury.

On more than one occasion, the band step into some extremely strong instrumental parts on Easy Pain. That really stood out for me. The production is outstanding, too. It sounds like human beings playing music. Young Widows have once again moved themselves forward into new areas with another outstanding album. Highly recommended listening.

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