By Magda Wrzeszcz

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So what do you do when you've put on pretty much the finest celebration of post rock the world has ever seen? Apparently you go out & book Mono, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Ef, team up with Sargent House and pack the undercard with wonderful rising talent like Rumour Cubes, Codes In The Clouds, Karhide, Lost In The Riots & Wicket; bands that readers of these pages may well be familiar with but a wider audience will get the pleasure of for the first time. 
Ahead of their appearance at the festival, we spoke to a number of the bands playing for the first time about what they're looking forward to. First up, Codes In The Clouds.

(((o))): On the scale of 7-10 - how excited are you to be performing at this year’s ATG (let’s be honest, anything below 7 won’t be acceptable)?

Roughly 9.4291ish

(((o))): How have you been preparing for this year’s performance and what can we expect from your show?

Our preparation has mainly involved stealing Monsters Build Mean Robots' singer, so you can expect a new face and some new instrumentation that we've been experimenting with.

(((o))): If you went last year (whether as a band or privately) - what were your highlights?

We couldn't make it but YouTube has been kind to us. 65 and Tall Ships looked great!

(((o))): What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival - musically and in general (I can’t wait to try a cactus burrito for example)?

Apart from performing, seeing TWDY and MONO is always something to look forward to. Apart from that just exploring the festival and finally proving that Codes in the Clouds are the best 5-a-side football team in post rock.

(((o))): If you were to chose two bands to play next year, one headliner and one local, who would it be and why?

Mogwai to headline and Call To Mind to keep things pretty.

(((o))): If you were given the chance to DJ one of the silent discos, give us a 5-song playlist of what you’d make us jump around to.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Pon Pon Pon.
Dr Hook - When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman.
Rival Consoles - I Left The Party
Ben Kweller - Wasted & Ready
Tubelord - Night of the Pencils

(((o))): One of the best memories from last year was the always swarmed merch stand. What are you getting prepared for the ATG fans merch-wise? Any exclusives?

We should have some new t-shirts in time for the festival and if you see us around the site we'll give you a free badge

(((o))): The great thing about last year was the parade of awesome band t-shirts. Which band t-shirts will your band be sporting?

By contractual obligation at least one of us will be sporting a Monsters Build Mean Robots t shirt. Other wardrobe staples: The Smiths, Lost in the Riots, Mice, The Shaking Sensations, The Walkmen and a lovely Take That hoody.

(((o))): Where will we be most likely to bump into you on site?

It's always bumpin at the first aid tent! (But seriously, Jack does get a lot of nose bleeds.)

(((o))): Who’s on your ‘en route to ATG’ playlist? And who’s your designated driver?

Joe feels uncomfortable looking our limo driver in the eye, so we never actually found out his name. As for the playlist:

Bernard Cribbins - Hole in the Ground,
Bernard Cribbins - Gossip Calypso,
Bernard Cribbins - Right Said Fred,
Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy,
The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio.

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