By: Gareth Watkin

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Released on October 30, 2015 via Leaf

Musician and composer Julia Kent offers her latest solo album effort Asperities. The new album follows on from 2013’s Character, showcasing once again Kent’s brilliantly bittersweet and haunting musical style. On her latest album, Kent flourishes with a phenomenal musical effort that illustrates a huge amount of talent and creativity. Whilst Character arguably saw Kent coming together musically, Asperities sees Kent push out everything she has to offer, incorporating some new ideas here and there and creating what is arguably her strongest album yet.

Kent presents her now trademark style of cello-based performances, throwing in a few elements here and there into the mix to create something full of life and energy. There’s somewhat of a varied mix at times, with a few tracks sounding urgent and almost intimidating, whilst others offer a more dark and macabre setting, presented in a slow yet undeniably beautiful way. Each track offers something to the listener without any agenda or pretension, with the album speaking for itself through its immense beauty.

Certain elements of the album seem to suggest less experimental techniques that on Kent’s previous releases. One may argue that on Asperities, Kent seems to fall back on the genre’s common norm, and offers up tracks that arguably do the same as what some others are already doing. Although to some extent Kent is offering more of the same, there is a great number of strengths to Kent’s music that others simply lack. It’s incredibly difficult not to get engrossed in everything Kent offers, making Asperities an incredibly strong record.

Julia Kent seems to have outdone herself on her latest full-length album. Everything we’ve seen from Kent before seems to have evolved into something truly wonderful, with everything coming together in such a beautiful and cohesive manner. To some extent, Asperities may not be the easiest album for one to get involved in, though on the other hand it’s a lot easier than other albums being offered in this genre. This is a truly wonderful record that deserves all the praise it has coming to it.

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