By: Berns von Bernington

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Released on March 17, 2016 via Mind Ripper Collective

There has been a lot of noise lately and I’ve been delving deeper and deeper into the more “underground” side of things, and these days it’s not that hard. One pro-tip I can give anyone would be to check out and keep an eye on Mind Ripper Collective from Edinburgh and the stuff they’ve been doing. One of the bands that has particularly tickled my fancy – oh, behave – has been Endless Swarm.

Their particular brand of powerviolence have left my ears crushed for the last year and a bit. Just release after release, from the Lobotomy release until they really found their sound with the Pointless Existence release to the killer splits they did and not so long ago, the Pavel Chekov split, which I still blast often. They have been a busy bunch and they have now released a split with one of the West Coast’s most promising newcomers, Concussive.

The Endless Swarm side is exactly what you’d come to expect. A frenzy of killer riffs, abrupt tempo changes and varying vocal ranges that will just have you pulling all sorts of faces when you blast it in the living room or your car on the way to work. Or that might just be me. Short, abrupt, fast and just terrorizing from start to grinding halt. Lest we forget the incredible rhythms that adds to the overall soundscape that we’ve come accustomed to by Endless Swarm. These guys are probably one of my favourite bands and are quickly climbing their way to the very top of my old time favourite list. Ear shattering stuff by Endless Swarm.

The Concussive side of things is even more abrupt and short, but if you’re familiar with their self-titled and split with Bathtub Barracuda, this should be of no surprise. It’s like this side of the split has a lot more urgency to it, which is hard to imagine, but it’s over in a flash. It goes hard and there is barely time to take a breath between songs as it goes from song to song. Their soundscape is very different and compliments the Endless Swarm side incredibly well. It’s like a small barrage of gruelling intensity, just enough to annihilate you. My analysis should read that Concussive is a fucking ace band.

This split is over and done before you know it, like a barrage of machine gun fire. Once you realise it’s over you’ll have yourself reaching for whatever device you’re listening on to start it again. Keep it on repeat, it goes really well. I would highly recommend this to anyone who fucks with powerviolence. Top notch stuff. You can find the each of the split at each band’s Bandcamp page.

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