By: Daniela Patrizi

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Released on September 23, 2016 via Pelagic Records

EF and Tiny Fingers, two bands who exhibit a different feel and aesthetic, have teamed up for a new collaborative record that belongs to the Pelagic Records Split Series. Collaborative albums are never easy, especially when the contributors have such a different style. However, when the cooperation turns out to be excellent the outcome is a reward for both the artists and the listeners.

This is the case of V?yu that with 5 tracks – 3 by EF and 2 by Tiny Fingers – and in a running time of approximately 30 minutes leads the listeners into a real journey that covers a wide spectrum of musical genres.

On one side, post-rockers EF, from Gothenburg, Sweden, who are well known for their dynamic build-up and the classic post-rocky formula without renouncing to that melody that is truly unique and always a moment of bliss, especially when they add vocals. On the other side, Israeli four-piece Tiny Fingers from Tel Aviv, who deliver “atomic rock from outer space and beyond”. Considered one of most interesting bands of the psychedelic and experimental rock scene in Israel, their songs are always a vertigo of sounds featuring thunderous guitar riffs, insane drumming and electronic hints, but always blended with a harmony and melody that connote them.

‘Hiraeth’, ‘Sju’ and ‘Shots and A Sudden Death’ make up the EF side of the split album. As soon as I started listening to the opener ‘Hiraeth’ I realised how much I missed this band and that everything I found great about EF before remains great now. ‘Hiraeth’ debuts like a normal post-rock song with the addition of sublime, echoing vocals before evolving into a clever and powerful combination of orchestral arrangements including horns, piano and strings with layering guitars. ‘Sju’ is an instrumental track where EF experiment ambient landscapes, which are delicate and powerful at the same time. This piece is a dreaming and relaxing experience and an attentive ear will find in it a melancholic vein that gives the composition a deeper dimension. EF are experimenting new territories and it seems that their music now finds inspiration not only in everyday life and surroundings, as they said time ago, but also in personal feeling allowing the listeners to travel into their inner self. ‘Shots and A Sudden Death’ is vigorous and keeps you on the move. Despite the title, this track gives me joy, at least in its first part where the vocals and the post-rocky sounds are at their best. The rhythm goes down just letting the vocals take the scene before rising up again in a vibrant territory full of soundscapes to let the mind drift. At about the sixth minute, when you have the impression the song is at its end they surprise you with a final crescendo that is dramatic, heavy, brilliantly executed and leaves you wanting more.

‘Dust’ and ‘Sanhedrin’ by Tiny Fingers change the album mood. The 3,5 minutes of ‘Dust’ are a concentration of layers of eclectic instrumentation that are strung together effortlessly and impregnated by chaos and psychedelia. The first track is an explosive jam-based section with erupting bass lines and swelling discord brilliantly executed that dissolves in a more meditative track. ‘Sanhedrin’ is dense of waves of atmosphere that convincingly lead you to a destination. Tiny Fingers’ constantly changing sound makes every moment arresting; they push sounds agilely in and out of the mix and all the instruments join in service of the overall picture.

The experimentation of the Israeli quartet closes V?yu, a split EP that works well from beginning to end, offering an interesting musical journey that will appeal and please the most curious and refined ears.

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