By: Simon Anger

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Released on October 21, 2016 via Independent

Soul Gutter describe their sound as a violent vortex of souls amid a pitch-black breeze from the frigid heart of Finland. They class themselves under hardcore, black metal, death metal and grindcore. But a simpler way to describe their music – bleak.

The EP kicks off with an eerie sample that sounds like someone possessed making a deal with an unseen demon and the first song ‘Idols of Rot’ is its answer. The use of unsettling samples dotted throughout the EP will make sure the haunting atmosphere is never lost whilst listening.

It’s clear from the start of this EP that the band have a huge range of influences as each song has a variety in its structure and will always surprise you with what’s coming next. It’s this variety in the music that makes the EP so great and the band have clearly worked hard to ensure this is a powerful and overall crushing release. The claustrophobic but well balanced production only helps to portray the bleakness of the music and the reverb soaked vocals sound like the haunted screams heard in an abandoned asylum.

There is not a band I can easily compare them to as they seem to have made a niche of their own. There are sections that are reminiscent of early Dismember or Autopsy, but then suddenly throw in an arpeggio chord section that would not be out of place on a Dissection record or pummel you with a riff Tragedy would be jealous of. What I can say however is that if you’re a fan of blackened death metal and want an exciting new release. Check this out.

I tried to write as unbiased a review as possible however I’ve struggled to fault this EP and considering this is Soul Gutter’s debut release, I will definitely be keeping an eye on them in the future.

The EP is self released and you can get hold of it through Bandcamp as of 21st October.

FFO: death metal, black metal, hardcore; a good old fashioned haunting.

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