Revenant by worriedaboutsatan

Release date: March 9, 2019
Label: Burning Witches

worriedaboutsatan are a prolific pair, and although this is ‘only’ their fourth full-length album they’ve released all manner of shorter EPs and outings in their short career as well. According to their Bandcamp page the sessions for Revenant produced two albums’ worth of material, so we’re in for a treat sometime again soon, I hope. Sublime electronica is the order of the day. Worried they definitely ain’t, about Beelzebub or anything else, and their take on rolling feel-good trance is perfectly pitched throughout this album. For now, gone are the glitchy beats of previous album Blank Tape or the spaced out ambience of more recent EP Shift. Instead, Revenant takes the listener on an immersive journey, a blissed-out magic carpet ride through one’s own head space.

Revenant starts strong with ‘Skylon’, a 10-minute trip of blissful trance and immersive melody. There’s a drone-like quality to the music that ebbs and flows as the minutes progress, and I would have been quite happy if they had added another 10 minutes to this gorgeous track. I first listened to this song on headphones while killing time in a shopping centre, and before long my steps fell into time with the music and the jarring commercialism of my surroundings had receded. Simply perfect.

An ebbing beat carries through the whole of second track ‘Strax’. Glitchy samples shift and flow and then slowly coalesce into a more urgent throb, creating a tune with a more upbeat feel than ‘Skylon’, but still nonetheless distinctly chilled in its vibe. ‘Dig Your Memory’ has a droning ambience which builds very slowly. A synth melody then starts and slowly resolves into a more insistent tune before receding into the ambience again. This cinematic approach continues in ‘Making Your Masks’, which has a darker vibe that I really liked. This builds and in the end reminds me of Astralasia. Final track ‘Wasteland’ as a slight Underworld feel to it, adding a note of edgy techno to the mix.

What we have in Revenant is a complete, blissed-out package of perfect trance techno, an escape from the daily grind and a superb antidote to the hubbub of modern life. This could be worriedaboutsatan’s best work so far, but I ain’t worried that we’ve hit peak …satan: with their prolific work ethic and consistently high standard of music, I’m sure their next new best album will be out sometime soon. For now, tune in and enjoy the ride on the magic carpet.

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