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The Decemberists – As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again

In a world of horror, The Decemberists have created a wonderful other worldly collection of enthralling and melodious songs.

John Grant – The Art of The Lie

Whatever the idea behind the album’s title, it is chockfull of art and no lies, except the ones Grant is talking about in his lyrics here. One of his best solo efforts so far.

Ozric Tentacles – Lotus Unfolding

Ozric Tentacles have all of the right ingredients they needed to bring their sculpture to life. And we have experienced a true sense of wisdom that is placed in front of our very eyes on Lotus Unfolding.

Nordic Giants – Origins

This is another collection of breathtaking, unique tracks from a truly special band.

CAN – Live in Aston 1977

A trip down memory lane to close your eyes and imagine yourself being at the university, rooting for CAN.

Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood

Post-metal’s most vital and unique voice delivers a flawless second album that will be a favourite for decades to come.

Ufomammut – Hidden

Hidden is an excellent psychedelic doom album that pierces the eardrums and grows with every listen.

Mono – Oath

Oath is Mono doing what they do, at their very best, and is a wonderful eulogy to one of music’s unassuming legends.

Air Formation – Air Formation

I am once again struck by this group’s ability to create these delectable shoegaze confections that somehow sound calming and cool, despite the restrained fury of the guitars.

Proud Peasant – Communion

It’s one of those albums that is very much an imaginative movie inside your head as Rapstine takes listeners on this magic carpet ride that’ll keep you on your toes and what to expect when you put this album on from beginning to end.

Good Looks – Lived Here Fo A While

With all the misfortune that struck the band, they seem to have fully recovered individually and as a group, coming up with an album brimming with musical ingenuity and confidence, making ‘Lived Here For A While’ one of the better indie rock releases so far this year.

Rascal Reporters – The Strainge Case of Steve

It is a weird, odd, strange, but off-the-wall fun with its avant-rock approach and nod to its Canterbury milkshake that is waiting for you after finishing a big meal that you had for lunch.

Ecovillage – Crescendo

Luckily for the duo, they walk that thin line quite admirably, as they bring jazz improvisation into their ten ambient explorations here with a sense and purpose.

Marjana Semkina – SIRIN

An album filled with strength and wisdom.

The Pull of Autumn – Memory Tree

This is a set of dark, shadowy art pop songs, or compositions, if you will, suited for those melancholy twilights that just keep on happening.

North Sea Echoes – Really Good Terrible Things

Whether it’ll move you or not, you have to give both Adler and Matheos credit to break free from their metal roots. They know have to try something different, this album is quite the trip.

Elizabeth Prophet – Resist Your Soul’s Urge for Freedom

Everyone knows music can be freedom or enslavement. Elizabeth Prophet are firmly in the freedom camp.

Louvado Abismo – Louvado Abismo

Louvado Abismo feels like a soundtrack for a film-noir or a surrealistic documentary about the side effects of a deep mind exploration.

Benjamin Croft – We Are Here to Help

This album is a well-delivered release that’ll be in your collection, for the rest of time.

High Desert Queen – Palm Reader

With Palm Reader this Texas band have set themselves up nicely for an intriguing future.

Newmoon – Temporary Light

It’s a sylvan daydream, like forest bathing except with the therapeutic power of music.

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