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Neil Cowley – Building Blocks, Pt. 6

Whether these are ‘building blocks’ or not, the music here fully stands on its own merits.

Hand of Kalliach – Corryvreckan

Corryvreckan is tremendous, it is folk without being twee, metal without being generic and has an appeal even beyond those genres.

Thee Conductor with Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Ennoia

The songs here are so well constructed, played, and sung that you certainly long for more. Well, maybe we can all search out the previous Butler/Oldham project.

Timelost – Drained

With Drained, Timelost have delivered the goods again with an album that fizzes with an infectiously positive energy and feel good vibes.

Steve Hackett – The Circus and the Nightwhale

Like a stick of dynamite, ready to explode at any second.

Beastwars – Tyranny of Distance

The songs picked give a glimpse into their musical upbringing – or at least a flavour of the country they grew up in. And it is also a very good Beastwars album.

Scott Yoder – Scooter Pie

Essentially, Scott Yoder shows with this album that quality glam rock is still alive and well.

The Body & Dis Fig – Orchards Of A Futile Heaven

It may only be February, but you’ll struggle to find an album as heavy, as intense, as harrowing, as beautiful, as cathartic and as utterly sublime as this one.

Gentle Giant – The Missing Piece (Steven Wilson Remix)

All in all, it’s great to see this album getting some attention thanks to Wilson’s sublime remix. It’s very much a rebirth by giving The Missing Piece acknowledgment that it properly deserves for 2024.

Shooting Daggers – Love and Rage

Shooting Daggers have made staggering strides at a rapid rate to deliver a hugely ear-catching debut.

A Sudden Burst of Colour – Galvanize

I cannot speak highly enough of this album. It is definitely up there as one of the best instrumental rock albums that I’ve heard in ages. Truly first class.

Black Bouquet – Pray to the Knife

Something that could have been overcomplicated and overbearing turns out to be quite an enjoyable art rock experience after all.

A Burial At Sea – Close To Home

Close To Home is bursting with vibrant energy and was clearly created with passion and heart.

Dead Bandit – Memory Thirteen

While many might proclaim that post-rock has reached its limits, Dead Bandit and their latest album prove that it just might still have some musical fuel there.

The Telescopes – Growing Eyes Becoming String

The record’s prevailing mood is of being blanketed and half awake.

Tutupatu – IV

Bold and inventive, or messy and incoherent? All of the above.

CAN – Live in Paris 1973

An off-the-wall chaotic sound with a large, massive full-scale assault.

Sea Dramas – Escape Scenes

It turns out that ‘Escape Scenes’ is one of those melody-driven albums that simply stick to your ears.

True Green – My Lost Decade

Adding the fact that this is True Green’s debut album the results are even more impressive than the sum of its (nine) parts.

PAKT – No Steps Left to Trace

Very much a band of brothers creating some of the most intense, weird, and balls to the wall releases MoonJune has given its listeners in 2024.

Stuck In The Sound – 16 Dreams A Minute

With all the variation in sound, there is a definite sense of consistency in the sound here as the listener is all the time aware it is one and the same artist/band that knows exactly what is supposed to go on here.

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