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Fanfare For The Uncommon Man: The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert

This live album wasn’t just an event with an incredible line-up, but a family occasion to have Keith’s legacy go full circle.

Marius Danielsen’s Legend of Valley Doom Part III

Everything – the songwriting, the hooks, the production, the sheer metacular awesomeness – about the conclusion to this metal-opera trilogy is brilliant.

Memorybell – No Anchor

No Anchor is an excellent ambient/drone album that I’d highly recommend to fans of the genre and psychonauts alike.

Kayak – Out of this World

Out of this World, it is not just a story-structured album brought to life, but an epic movie that we’ve been waiting for by getting away from the Marvel cinematic universe and into something special and mind-blowing.

Chaz Knapp – Organ Drunes

Throughout, as with the album title, Knapp approaches the process of creating these organ drones with quite a hefty dose of humor.

Horndal – Lake Drinker

It is always a treat to hear metal with an agenda. Especially when it is done as aggressively and thoughtfully as this album.

Burden Limbs – In the Flesh

Burden Limbs have the confidence and talent to know exactly where they are in their career process and where they want to be.

Night Beats – Outlaw R&B

Blackwell and his Outlaw R&B prove that psych can mutate but it never loses its original feel and intent.

Glitchers – Thought Crimes

If you miss the angry, politised bands of previous generations then look no further, Glitchers are the rock and roll protest band urgently required.

Growing – Diptych

Diptych is Growing’s one of their more accomplished albums, giving drone as a genre another impetus.

Illuminae – Dark Horizons

A 2D animated metal opera brought to life.

Renaissance – 50th Anniversary Ashes Are Burning: An Anthology – Live in Concert

The story of the band’s history is now completely recorded live.

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Superwolves

As is always the case when Will Oldham (in any of his aliases) is involved we can expect the unexpected. And truly enjoy it.

Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar 2

Who knows what he will think of next. He is still the mad scientist of arranging and composition.

Telex – This Is Telex

Telex’s futurism is mostly a mundane modernism. They do not want to be robots or conceive sci-fi utopias in sound. They’re named after a piece of office equipment.

Christine Ott – Time to Die

Throughout, Ott is able to musically move ‘between the world of the living and the dead’ with fully explored ideas that present the picture she is trying to create in exactly the manner she wanted.

Glume – The Internet

Glume’s debut forms a sugar laden dayglo synthy dream pop record, but underneath the bright fluorescent lights there is a melancholic undertow which reveals depth.

Various Artists – Brown Acid The Twelfth Trip

Brown Acid: The Twelfth Trip is almost devoid of such duds, and in that manner represents a feat in itself.

Sam Genovese – SKYMYTH

Genovese’s ‘SKYMYTH’ is certainly demanding, but ultimately a rewarding listen for all those who think their music should be thought-inspiring too.

Art d’Ecco – In Standard Definition

There’s no dilemma about one thing. In Standard Definition is an excellent album.

Spectral Lore – Ετερόφωτος

It’s incredibly nuanced, sometimes strange and certainly unorthodox and perhaps bordering on the exotic at times… all reasons to thoroughly praise this release.

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