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Endless Swarm – Manifested Forms

Without a doubt you’ll struggle to find an album this year as ferociously energetic as this one.

Jaime del Adarve – Neu

The brevity of the music on ‘Neu’ might lie in the fact that it was first conceived for the stage. Escamilla then revisited and reshaped these four compositions as an independent body of work.

Entropia – Total

Total allows its stunning musical beauty and breadth to creep into your soul very quickly.

Riverside – ID.Entity

Riverside’s new album brings everything to the forefront. It’s a roller-coaster ride that is all down to the bone, and adding that extra spice by making it delicious and having your bellies full for a wonderful home-cooked meal that the band have unleashed with ID.Entity.

Void of Light – Enshroud

Void of Light has built on its debut release with two excellent post-metal tracks featuring some of their best work yet.

Ulthar – Helionomicon

This record is the ward confined, bed bound, astral projecting, clinically and criminally deranged relation to ‘Anthronomicon’.

Ulthar – Anthronomicon

It’s no exaggeration to make the case that Ulthar are one of the bands at the very forefront of the ongoing glorious reawakening of death metal.

R.J.F. – Going Strange

It all actually sounds quite minimalistic and complex at the same time resulting in a quite immersive musical experience.

Black Oak – Egolution

Egolution is a slightly raw first step from a band with immense promise.

Novelty Island – Wallsend Weekend Television

Wallsend Weekend Television is like a breath of fresh air, proving that McConnell can bring in more amazing ideas with mind-blowing results. And we get to tag along to be a part of that journey that awaits us.

Tithe – Inverse Rapture

If you’re after some supreme underground extreme metal, unrelenting in focus and pace, then you need to get Tithe on your radar and Inverse Rapture assaulting your ears.

Dave Bainbridge – To The Far Away

This is one of the most staggering releases for Bainbridge by unleashing his true powers that is out of this world!

Death Pill – Death Pill

Death Pill are a hardcore punk trio that have likely never acknowledge, maybe not even have heard of the term ‘frills’ when it comes to heavy music.

Abstract cover of Often the Thinker - Sincere Insanity

Often the Thinker — Sincere Insanity

At its best, Sincere Insanity sews disparate sounds into a circle, bringing the listener back to themselves, as if to say — either about Often the Thinker or about any of us — “I contain multitudes”.

Verminous Serpent – The Malign Covenant

A record that leaves the listener exhausted, scared, but most of all enthralled by the sheer malevolence displayed.

Cursebinder – Drifting

They now come thundering out of the speakers, brutal and precise in landing every blow.

Umber – Sometimes That Light, That Shine, Seemed Like a Pretty Nice Thing

Stewart creates the resonance he speaks about through a very delicate balance between acoustic and electronic instruments and the varying tempos he uses throughout.

Fange – Privation

Privation marks another bold step forward as Fange continues to fearlessly experiment.

VoidCeremony – Threads of Unknowing

This is a great record if you like your death metal progressive, cosmic and idiosyncratic but also, belligerent and pulverising.

Lionmilk – Intergalactic Warp Terminal 222

You can give this album’s ambient concept any other tag you want, post-jazz or post-anything, Lionmilk does it all justice here.

Stormo – Endocannibalismo

To fly through post-hardcore, screamo, mathy sections, even near d-beat in 11 tracks and 29 minutes whilst still encouraging multiple listens without being overwhelming is a great achievement.

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