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Délétère / Sarkrista – Opus Blasphematum

Distinctive but complementary halves which each feel like they’re self-contained but benefit from being heard in the vicinity of their companion. Highly recommended.

King Buffalo – Acheron

As their second record of 2021, it maybe felt like King Buffalo would have played it safe and stuck to familiar terrain, and in a sense they have. It doesn’t have the same impetuousness as its predecessor but by opting for longer, more atmospheric cuts they have played to their strengths and delivered yet another instant classic.

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Hardanger EP

The two tracks on this short EP come from very different places but the soul and messages are the same – messages of journeying, of people and of the land from which it takes its name.

Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders – Elixor of Life

There is a timeless quality to the music, and it feels shorn of any panderings to the mainstream. It is music made for those who want to go on a journey.

Angered Wrecks – Bennies, Booze, and R&R

It’s raw and rough, but suitably resonant with the current psych scene, including much that is happening over in Canada right now. If you want to sample the true spirit of punk you won’t go far wrong with this release.

Witch Fever – Reincarnate E.P.

Witch Fever’s mesh of heavy Grunge, Sabbathian Doom, and Punk’s rebellious spirit lives up to its exciting mix of influences.

The Angelus – Why We Never Die

The end is nigh, and there will be no peace. But there may just be a glimmer of hope, thanks to Why We Never Die, the latest album from Texas doom-folk trio The Angelus.

Resina – Speechless

Speechless inhabits a similar world to her previous full-length Traces but grittier, more confrontational, and more singular in its approach. Resina might feel speechless but we hear her loud and clear.

Black Holes Are Cannibals – Surfacer

Safe to say, however, that this is not a record that will be troubling the Ibiza dancefloors next summer. It’s a thing for solitary enjoyment.

Sonic Fuel – Sonic Fuel

With a good base of the band’s songs and playing it was almost a certainty that all lovers of good ole’ guitar rock with a bit of a southern rock twist will really have fun with this one.

Moon Machine – Moon Machine

Eric Hochwald, Jon Sirota, and Angel Castillo of Moon Machine are like space cadets taking listeners beyond our universe.

Anna von Hausswolff – Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

The sheer intensity and power of the music is wonderfully encapsulated by Anna’s truly mesmerising vocals and delivery. A stunning recording from start to finish.


These meld and congeal like a sonic trifle left out in the scorched sun. The separate entities all blurring together but making an absolutely lip-smacking concoction.

Dylan Tauber – Sounds From Space 2

Tauber’s ‘Sounds From Space 2’ is one of those ‘space ambient’ albums that at no point overstay their welcome.

Birth – Birth

Birth’s debut self-titled EP is the Prog-Rock voyage we have been waiting for.

Regal Worm – The Hideous Goblink

When you hear an album title like that, it grabs you unexpectedly very quickly. It almost sounds like a Ren and Stimpy short during the space adventure period during the first season as Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy are hurling through the cosmos once more. For Regal Worm, they have become a giant battering ram waiting to burst through the door down with a hardcore punch!

Witches Broom – s/t

It’s sound harks back to a classic era and makes absolutely no attempt to update it, and why should it when it sounds just as perfect as it is

So Hideous – With None But A Pure Heart Can Sing

This is a breath taking ride which really should disrupt any finalised end of year top 10 for fans of blackened post-hardcore.

Springtime – Springtime

Throughout the trio brings in a wide array of instrumental elements so characteristic for their other artistic ventures, without sounding too much like any of them in particular, but also all of them at the same time.

Ashley Shadow – Only The End

She really brings a lot of energy and brainstorming ideas that she’s brought to Only The End. It is a compelling release that will be talked about in the years to come.

A Lake of Ayes – Ouro Sobre Azul

Post-metal built on a heavy post-rock foundation which provides delightful music with a warm familiarity.

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