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Mt. Mountain – Centre

On Centre we get this excellent flow of music that goes from lull to a boil and back with ease and flair. Possibly, the best from Mt. Mountain so far.

Melvins – Working With God

Honest enough to get experimental without being pompous about it. True believers in the dumb adolescent mess of energy and defiance that makes for the best rock ‘n’ roll. Praise the Lord.

The Hold Steady – Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy has the spirit of The Hold Steady’s noughties glory days while there is a renewed freshness in the song-writing, and a newfound creativity by widening their sound with a horn section.

Mainliner – Dual Myths

Guaranteed to make your brain fizz.

Mouse On Mars – AAI

What we get here from Mouse On Mars is a detailed sci-fi novel in musical form that is brimming with ideas and imagination, as usual.

Nirvana – Songlife

Songlife is an incredible exploration about the unsung history of this amazing period of Nirvana’s career from the late ‘60s to the early part of the 1970s.

James Johnston / Steve Gullick – We Travel Time

When we are all stuck inside, We Travel Time goes beyond our doors and windows out to coasts and coves, waterways and woodland, homes from home.

Flyying Colours – Fantasy Country

They’ve tapped into the psych gaze genre in a big way. It is inherently part of their cheery sound, music for a long drive or a sunny day at the beach.

Delusive Relics – The Blind Owl

Delusive Relics brings some quite dark music into these dark times which can maybe help their listeners turn on the light, at least a bit.

The Amenta – Revelator

An album that absorbs you into its mechanised womb and keeps you safe in its blissfully disconcerting view of harrowing noise and devastatingly bruising music, wrapping you in a comforting embrace of everything you love about this band.

Richard Barbieri – Under a Spell

If you want to discover more clues after the events of Planets + Persona, Under a Spell is a supernatural expedition.

Psymon Spine – Charismatic Megafauna

On the evidence of Charismatic Megafauna, Psymon Spine exhibit enough confidence and flair with their psych/electro-dance combination that you can expect them only to get better.

Blanck Mass – In Ferneaux

Blanck Mass meditate on the nature of pain, but what can we find in this fine new release? A word perhaps we all once knew, but is for the moment, out of our reach.

Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember

Satisfyingly punky indie rock from the Midwest.

tindersticks – Distractions

Their most fascinating record in a long while.

Robert Jürjendal – Water Finds a Way

Water Finds a Way is a family scrapbook brought to life.

Oneo Fakind – The Start of Something

Oneo Fakind seems to hit all the right notes or keys throughout the album to rightfully claim that definition of Coniology – they do invoke that feeling of warmth and nostalgia above all.

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Swing From The Sean DeLear

All that fun and infectiously, unstoppably, funky into the bargain, clap your hands and chant along brothers and sisters.

VOID – The Hollow Man

This heady mix is gloriously strung together into a deeply impressive and coherent concept album of the very best kind, told in VOID’s signature language of brutal and unpredictable riffs. Here, that style is expanded by their most eclectic range of genres to date, the fullest, richest production of their oeuvre, and all wrapped up in the enigmatic and eye-catching artwork of Metastazis. Pulling off their grandiose ambition with panache, this is VOID’s best work yet, and one that demands obsessive replaying.

Eternal Return – Once Only

Their debut album didn’t just take me by surprise, but it goes beyond the Prog genre by taking a leap forwards into the unknown.

Mogwai – As The Love Continues

This album has more snap, crackle and pop than a bowl of cereal and is Mogwai’s finest collection in years.

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