Night of the Lords by Mos Generator

Release date: May 3, 2019
Label: Devil's Child Records

Night of the Lords by Washington’s Mos Generator is the first in a series of official bootlegs to be released by Devil’s Child Records and is a limited edition vinyl run only. Whether the discovery of this recording from the band’s 2017 tour promoting the Abyssinia release began the series idea I can’t tell you, but the story is main man Tony Reed found an unlabelled flash of a fully mixed and mastered live recording in a guitar case, and after listening to it and figuring out it was from a show at Manchester’s Rebellion, decided he liked it so much he wanted to release it.

Well, if you’re a fan of the band I guess you’ll like it too. Abyssinia marked a turning point for Reed and Mos Generator as he took the tough decision to let long standing former members go, so as to recruit musicians who were prepared to commit to a much heavier touring schedule. This recording comes from their first European tour out supporting buddies Saint Vitus and finds the new group in fine form. Reed’s job of working out where this gig was was apparently made easier by the inclusion of seldom-performed numbers, including a Mahavishnu Orchestra/King Crimson medley – something Saint Vitus fans probably aren’t used to hearing from support acts! That’s Reed all over though, the guy is a 70’s rock nut, a walking musical encyclopedia, it even shows in the album artwork, a homage to bootlegs from some of his favourite obscure labels.

Amongst the live rarities are a bruising opening ‘Strangest Times’, a fabulous, funky version of ‘Easy Evil’ (both from Abyssinia) and an early airing of ‘Shadowlands’ from what would be the band’s next album.

Strangely, long time favourite ‘Lonely One Kenobi’ feels a little under-strength, and the extended jam at the end of ‘Step Up’ fails to really engage, but everything else here, including the finale – a thunderous ‘Electric Mountain Majesty’, really is fantastic. New boys Sean and Jono’s bass and drums really pin you to the wall in a way the studio versions cannot match.

Yes, this album may be aimed at serious Mos Generator fans, but it’s worthy of its place in any rocker’s record collection. Listen to the full album ahead of its release here:

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