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After having returned to his home town of Cassadaga, Florida, Matt Messore (Dear Tracks) started a dreampop project under the name Cathedral Bells. On March 6th, 2020 he will release his first full-length album titled Velvet Spirit via Good Eye Records. The new album is made up of eleven tracks that will surely appeal to shoegazers young and old. It stays true to the shoegaze/dreampop characteristics of lush instrumentation and dreamy vocals. On December 6th, the first single from the album was released titled ‘Ephemeral’. Check it out below if you haven’t already.

We asked Messore to pick the three albums that have influenced him and his music. Check out his great picks below.

Follow Cathedral Bells via one of several social media outlets to find out more about the upcoming release: https://linktr.ee/Cathedralbells

The Cleaners From VenusMidnight Cleaners

An effortless classic. This is basically everything great about 80s underground stuffed into one album. Starting off with a beautiful and minimal-synth-sounding opener. The next two cuts, in contrast, have roots in the jangly side of post-punk. There’s a certain New Order vibe, but something about the lo-fi (but lovingly-crafted) production makes the whole thing more approachable. It is an incredible record of everything that post-punk did right.

The CureDisintegration

Disintegration is first and foremost an album of textures. It is lush and abyss-like, with countless layers of shimmering guitars and airy synthesizers, underpinned by towering drums that echo in the same space as Robert Smith’s often distant and spacious vocals. The album’s willingness to introduce a swirling guitar of melodies, in many ways, characterizes a combination of textural ambition and pop craftsmanship

Jesus And The Mary ChainPsychocandy

One of the first bands to heavily inspire me early in my childhood. This first record in particular, I found myself connecting with. This album introduced pop music with loads of echo, fuzz, and feedback. The noise feedback is cathartic. It hints at something darker, more serious and more frustrating than what the fluffy pop songs underneath imply.

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