Glasgow’s Elisabeth Elektra has just released her debut album Mercurial last week; a rapturously received record absolutely chock full of uplifting electropop bangers, so we thought there was no better time to get her to share some of the music that has influenced her sound..

The Cure – Disintegration

I got in to The Cure in my late teens. Of course I’d been hearing all their big hits ever since I was a child because they’re so omnipresent, but it was hearing Disintegration that made me really deeply connect with The Cure’s music and with Robert Smith’s songwriting. My friend put the record on one night after we had been out, we listened to it as the sun came up. I got lost in it for days after that. When I listen to it now, I still get the same rush I did the first time I heard it, to me it’s just one of the most beautiful things ever recorded. 

I think a main reason I see Disintegration as an influence on me musically is that it inhabits its own distinct world, which is something I have aspired to do on my debut album ‘Mercurial’. Disintegration is this really weird, otherworldly record but it’s full of really great pop songs that connect. To me Disintegration is a very emotionally intense record, and emotional intensity is something I seek in music and in life. 

It’s an album full of symbols, veils, and layers; musically and lyrically. I have musical synesthesia where I ‘see’ music as colours and images and it’s one of the most evocative albums to me. I love Disintegration and each time I listen to it gifts me something new.

Fever Ray – Fever Ray

Hearing this album was a personal and creative turning point for me, I don’t think any album inspired me to start making my own music as much as this one did. 

It’s such an intimate album, and so evocative. Karin’s songs are just so, so good. Fever Ray has the same transportive quality quality that the best novels have, where you feel like you are still in the story for a few days after finishing the book. 

I was really obsessed with the production on this record when it first came out and it has definitely influenced my own process a lot, and still does. It’s a haunting and deeply accomplished piece of work. I’m very grateful to Karin and other female artists like her for continuing to create innovative music on their own terms.  

Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion

I really love this album, I think it’s a really mature pop record. It may not be the most obvious inspiration for Mercurial, but I listened to it a lot during the recording process and I think it inspired me to make some of my songs more joyful that they may perhaps have been otherwise. 

The production of this record has a lot of 80s influence while also being very contemporary, which is something I wanted to achieve with ‘Mercurial’. The single ‘Run Away With Me’ is my favourite on this CRJ album, it has a 12/8 rhythm which I think is a nod to ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ by Tears for Fears – in my opinion one of the best 80s singles. Carly is just a great pop songwriter, I have a lot of admiration for her as an artist. 

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