Return to Cinders by Mercury Boys

Release date: June 1, 2020
Label: Who Can You Trust? Records

With only 4 tracks long, there’s no need to spend an awful lot of words on Return to Cinders, the debut EP from Dutch/German quartet Mercury Boys. All you need to know is that the 14 minutes presented here are 14 minutes of brilliantly stomping ‘the sun is out, pass me another beer or two’ proto-rocking tunes. Basically, this fucking rocks.  

Alright, let’s just elaborate a bit more then. Luckily, our friends at Never Mind the Hype recently posted an extensive interview with the band, so go and read that if you want to find out a lot more. But to briefly sum up, Mercury Boys consist of members of Supersonic Blues, Ragged Barracudas and Orange Sunshine, including Dutch legendary underground musician Guy Tavares and Who Can You Trust? Records owner Christian Dräger, who also released Return to Cinders digitally and on vinyl, which definitely enhances the listening experience.

Straight from the opening riff of ‘Atlas Falling’ it is clear that Mercury Boys are here to rock, with a production that is warm and slightly lo-fi, creating that classic, proto-rock sound. Guy’s vocals sound a bit like a less abrasive Lemmy, think less whiskey fuelled and with more tone, adding to the music very nicely. This continues throughout the remainder of the EP, which also includes the brilliant cover version of MC5’s ‘The American Ruse’. Third track ‘Apollo Phoenix Rising’ is my favourite, especially the end part where the bass sounds amazing whilst the guitars warmly solo away, all accompanied a slight grooving, rocking rhythm.

This EP reminds me a lot of the great Brown Acid series that RidingEasy Records have been releasing, though that series actually includes tracks from sometimes long forgotten artists from back in the days, whereas Mercury Boys relives those spirits on Return to Cinders, demonstrating nicely that rock is not dead, it’s certainly much alive and kicking. Can’t wait to hear what else these boys have lined up for us. 

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