For the latest edition of The Boredom Tapes the boys from Edinburgh based progressive metalers DVNE have gone all out & given us a fascinating track by track analysis of their playlist. 


Stick these tunes in your ears & have a read of their thoughts below.

Oranssi Pazuzu – Kuulen Aania Maan Alta

Oranssi Pazuzu last album is one of the best stuff I’ve heard this year. Weird grooves and angular tempo, super trippy and heavy at the same time. Their previous releases were amazing, but this new album resonates even more with me. Hard to pick a track from this album, but Kuulen Aania Maan Alta is superb.

Sweven – Reduced to an Ember & By Virtue of a Promise

Been listening to The Eternal Resonance a lot since it came out this year. It’s the band first release and I think they’ve done something special here. Very cool guitar work, beautiful energy and I love the vocals, they kind of remind me of Chuck Schuldiner (Death). 

Tool – Pneuma

No intro needed and I wouldn’t say Fear Inoculum is my favourite Tool records, but I think Pneuma stands with one of Tool’s best track. The instrumentation is amazing, the production is superb as always and I find the whole song so captivating.

Elephant Tree – Sails

We’ve crossed paths many times with Elephant Tree at festivals and we always liked their show plus they are super cool guys, so maybe we might be a bit biased. But what’s not to like! Habits is a very emotional album. The production is a huge step up and it feels like the music has evolved and gone pass the more doom vibe they had previously and the vocals are beautiful.

Elder – Embers

No surprise here, the new Elder album is another great album in their discography. I think it’s Elder 6th full length and it’s great to hear that their sound has evolved since their previous album. Although the keys made their entry on Reflections of a Floating World, they took another dimension on Omens which shows another side to Elder’s music. 

Opeth – Allting Tar Slut

Opeth is one of our all-time favourites and I don’t think they’ve released a bad album to date, which is crazy considering how deep their discography is. This track is the closing title of their last album In Cauda Venenum (Swedish version) and my favourite track of the album. The ending gives me the chills every time.

Cloudkicker – Making Will Mad

We’ve been listening to this guy a lot recently. This is a one-man kind of band, although he has done live shows with Intronaut in the past.  Amazing guitar work and super interesting rhythms. The drums being programmed by a guitarist makes for interesting grooves too from a drummer perspective, as the beats are not what you’re used to. I heard he wrote a new album during this confinement, excited to hear it!  

Tinariwen – Arhegh ad annàgh

We saw Tinariwen at Psycho Las Vegas a couple of years ago. They floored everyone with their bluesy infused Berber music and made for a very special show. I’ve kept on coming back to them since then and discovered their whole discography. Amazing band.

Toe – Dual Harmonics

Discovered Toe after Russian Circles’ drummer mentioned them in an interview. Super cool Japanese post/math rock band. Super cool grooves and weird tempos and beautiful melodies. The guitars are mostly clean which really brings a different vibe to their style.

猫 シ Corp. – Building a Better World

Vaporwave is a strange and varied genre. While a lot of it is almost self-deprecating humour there is a small corner that creates these lush atmospheres that evoke some strong imagery of isolation.

Panopticon – The Moss Beneath the Snow

In his most recent release, Austin Lunn draws a clear line between his black metal material and his less extreme work. This is a post-rock piece that keeps growing in intensity before resolving as an acoustic country song.

Boris – Away from You.

Boris came back in 2019 with an album that builds on the style that they’ve been developing over the past 20 years. This one comes in slow, with a powerful and melodic bassline and quiet, fragile vocals.

Jakub Zytecki – Sunflower

I think this guy is really innovative in his approach to guitar-based music. His original work was chuggy progressive metal but recently he started playing with electronics, ambience, samples, and bluegrass licks while retaining chuggy, virtuosic, but tasteful playing.

Chris Christodoulou – The Rain Previously Known as Purple

So I’ve been playing tons of Risk of Rain since this started and this is part of its soundtrack that really stood out to me. Unfortunately it comes in at such a stage in the game that it’s impossible to pay attention to the music! Thankfully the artist publishes his music online.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Rubbernecker

Pigs x7 find a golden middle ground between hypnotic stoner riffs and rock anthems. A great example of what can happen when a bunch of talented musicians don’t take themselves too seriously or try to prove anything and just go all out on writing bangers.

Town Portal – Roko’s Basilisk

I’m partial to a bit of math-rock, but, all too often, it just ends up becoming tappy time-signature wankery. Town portal just write awesome tunes without allowing the complexity of the music to take away from the end result. Also, this song has a trumpet solo, which is always a win for me.

Caspian – Collapser

Caspian occasionally come out with a track that completely dispels the notion that they are “just another crescendo-laden post-rock band” and this is one of them. It comes in heavy and doesn’t let up. These guys are masters of making things sound enormous.

END – Pariah

Speaking of coming in heavy and not letting up, that’s pretty much END’s whole game plan. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to some completely unbounded aggression and, in my opinion, no one does it better.

Mikill Pane (ft Micky Blue, Mrtl) – My Legacy

This is my current quarantine day-starter. Just a really fun upbeat hiphop/pop single for getting out of bed to. Good 80s synthy bassline, nice flows and catchy as owt chorus hook. Always accompanied with plenty of black coffee.

Wake – Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania)

Absolutely massive, apocalyptic sounding death/black metal with an insane drummer. The whole album is a relentless monster but this track sums it all up fairly well. Perfect end-times music.

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