S/T by Mummise Guns

Release date: July 17, 2020
Label: Riot Season Records

A psych supergroup with a name that seemingly no one actually knows what it means or how it’s supposed to be said, Mummise Guns is a baffling entity even in premise. Sometimes things aren’t necessary, but they turn out being quite enjoyable, like sequels, usually pointless but, sometimes pretty good. This is an example of something that feels like the members could get together and do something for the fuck of it and it did and it turned out pretty good. The band on this album is Adam Sykes (Guitarist, Pigsx7), Alex Wilson (Vocals, Ghold), Andrew Cleaver (Drums, Black Shape), Matt Ridout (Guitar, Casual Nun), Tracy Bellaries (Bass, Luminous Bodies) and according to bandcamp, but not Facebook…Gordon Watson (Luminous Bodies). Pretty solid.

The thing that immediately stands out to me is Wilson’s vocals as I’m not that familiar with Ghold. I’ve seen them before, but I’m really not that familiar with them. Alex Wilson’s screaming sounds like a mid-point between Robert Plant and two foxes shagging. There’s an almost black metal vibe to it. Instrumentally, it’s cool, but it’s kind of what you’d expect from this group, only with a little more spunk and swagger. There’s definitely a vibe that most of the time they’re not really taking it too seriously and then there are moments where it feels like even the band are surprised how well it’s coming together. It’s very understated but, there’s a lot happening.

The grounding for everything a lot of the time seems to be Bellaries’s basslines and Cleaver’s drums, in the sense it feels like they’re writing parts and then the guitarists are just hurling lightning all over the place. If I had to try and pick a favourite track, I’d pick the album closer ‘End Of Days’ because it’s straight the point and very gnarly, it’s somewhere in between what I’ve been loving the most this year Oranssi Pazuzu and Radar Men From The Moon so, that’s ideal really.

Overall, this is album is exactly what you would expect from this lot. It sounds great, it’s super noisy and everything about it is executed really well. There’s isn’t a lot to sink your teeth into in terms of cathartic, deep, emotional release or big melodic choruses, but it’s carefree fun and is the kind of thing that makes me miss going and having a few pints and watching some bands. To be fair, this lot would be a great pick for a first band to watch after lockdown ‘cause you could get a little piece of loads of great bands at the same time.

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