Magic Beans by The smallest Creature

Release date: September 30, 2020
Label: Self-Released

That Nineties guitar sound that could range anywhere from more ‘friendly’ sound of Pearl Jam, or Nirvana at its more gentle to the more direct attack of, say J. Mascis and his Dinosaur Jr. seems to be on the back burner these days. As if it is not appreciated these days, it is even denigrated by some. The reason? Probably no particular one, except that some other stuff is in the vogue these days. But that sound not only carries some truly exciting music but still has hidden (and quite open) pleasures to offer.

That is where Stefanos Marnerides and his The smallest Creature, Cyprus-located rockers and Magic Beans, their latest offering come in. They not only realize the qualities and pleasures of well-crafted guitar music, but they show that it can still be done the way it should be.


Actually, Marnerides used The smallest Creature as his moniker in his previous musical incarnation in NYC as a fledgling musician. After relocating to his native Cyprus, the moniker stuck as the name for ‘a real-life band’ that now has two albums behind them.

Based on the evidence of Magic Beans, Stefanos and his buddies were not only ardent students of the Nineties sound, but they also took a good listen at what brought that sound up like some Black Sabbath loud guitars and Sixties The Beatles-like harmonies, usually within one and the same song, like ‘Cut Through Me’. Pink Floyd via Radiohead is there too, and you don’t have to go any further than ‘Find’ to hear the connection.

Still, with all the musical references, The smallest Thing manages to own that Nineties guitar sound, updating it for these ‘modern times’ a notch, resulting in quite a pleasurable listen.

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