Photo: Jose Caamaño Visual: Emily Bailey

‘PNEUMATIC’ marks a change of pace and direction for London-based artist Driven By Machines. Whilst the project previously focused more on ambient and electronica, this new single-accompanied by a pulverising music video represents a new beginning for Driven By Machines, one which will see both the relentless and the subdued explored side-by-side, with no regard for consistency. ‘PNEUMATIC’ also marks the first collaboration between Chad Murray and in violet bandmate/session drummer, Chrissy Lopez, adding an entirely new dimension to the project. Whilst this video single is not taken from any planned release, there is a lot of material in the works and ambitious objectives in place for Driven By Machines; but, if 2020 has taught as anything, it’s that “the best laid plans of mice and men will often go awry”. 


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