Washington-based indie prog band FELLOWCRAFT today unveil their emotional new video entitled ‘This Is How the World Ends’. The song is the fourth single taken from their upcoming studio album This Is Where You’ll Find Me, due out February 26, 2021.

FELLOWCRAFT’s new single ’This Is How the World Ends’ provides a detailed and emotional narrative of the anxiety and profound sense of loneliness that can come from abusing social media — and couldn’t be more relevant in the topsy turvy world of the global pandemic and lockdowns.

It was indeed the quarantine itself that made this song so special to record for the band: “JR and I wrote this song about a year ago, before the whole COVID-19 mess happened. But when we were finally able to get into the studio to record it in August (after having our recording session postponed half a year due to the pandemic) it was a really cathartic moment for all of us. Five months of penned up frustrations and pain from being in lockdown just started to flow out. We cried a little… OK, a lot.” shares guitarist Pablo Anton.

“Lyrically, I wanted to juxtapose the need for social media, and the damage that I’ve seen it do. On one hand I’m more accessible than I’ve ever been, but I also see endless echo chambers, virtue signaling, victim blaming, harassment, and shaming… where does it all end? Is it worth it?” adds frontman and guitarist Jon Ryan MacDonald.

The band recorded the song in the middle of the COVID-19 quarantine at Ivakota Recording with the help of Mexican rock producer Tonio Ruiz (QBO, Coda, Agora, Jet Jaguar). Ivakota is owned by the locally-renowned producer Ben Green (Loud Boyz, Milo In The Doldrums, Ex Hex) and is located in the heart of Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

FELLOWCRAFT will release their third and new album ‘This Is Where You’ll Find Me’ on February 26th, 2021. They previously released singles for ‘Coyote and the Desert Rose’, ‘Make No Sound’ (feat. Nate Bergman) and ‘I Will Not Accept The Truth (feat. Chris Dale of Bruce Dickinson band).

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