SOOTHSAYER ORCHESTRA is Pieter Hendriks – former bandmember of Reaching Forward, Born From Pain and Black Bottle Riot. A musical solitudinarian, Pieter leaves the commonplace behind and only take with him what can enrich his music and performance. His compositions shift between moods of despair, tension, doom and hope. Alternating visions of apocalyptic solemnity and obscure tranquility come to peak in this dramatic score, brought to life through avant-garde instrumentations.This self-titled debut album was partially written and recorded in a cravan in the isolated rural darkness of the remote German Eifel area.

Pieter writes: “‘Dead Lovers Eden’ was the last track I wrote for the album. I was working on songs for a couple of years before signing to Lay Bare Recordings, so when I signed with them I wrote this two weeks before sending the final mixes out to the Mastering studio.


“I had this phrase ‘Dead Lovers Eden’ for quite a while: I imagined a creepy wedding like in a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas kind of way – a super surreal movie where two lovers where drawn to a creepy haunted church, said their vows, died and went straight into their graves together. I thought about a woman frantically dancing around a huge fire. Just all around weird shit, like in a nightmare you wished would end, but you kinda want to stick around to see what is going on, because it is just too weird.

“For some reason this whole album turned out to be about stuff dying, a spiritual journey looking for good and evil, lawlessness and adventure. I think ‘Dead Lovers Eden’ turned out to be one of the more uplifting songs; normally I am totally uninspired to write music in the summer, because I sit in the shade counting the days till it is winter and cold again, but triggered by being signed to Lay Bare Recordings it came together in a couple hours; I went into the studio and recorded everything in two nights.”

Soothsayer Orchestra’s self-tiled debut album is released on vinyl on February 12 by Lay Bare Recordings. It can be ordered, streamed and downloaded here


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