WALFANG is the new incarnation of the Belgian band Monkey Juice. With their mix of stoner, grunge and post-everything, the foursome have managed to leave a hefty impression on the Belgian music scene with multiple festival slots and a number of supports for Brutus, Helmet, Stake, Full of Hell, BRIQUEVILLE and Heck.

After ten years, WALFANG felt it was time to record their debut album, and In October 2019 the band crawled back into the studio. For a third time they met with producer Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Every Stranger Looks Like You, Doodseskader) at Much Luv.This collaboration brought eight songs to their final form, ready to be released in April 2021 as LØV.

Special thanks to Covid for the delay…


Talking about their featured video, ‘Never Enough(!)’, the band state:

“The idea for this (video) clip came rather naturally. We like a certain reality and recurring theme throughout our clips and artwork. After a rehearsal we were having a chat . . . the concept of portraying addictions and obsessions came up. We didn’t want to do the obvious things like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food addiction. Neither did we want to portray the weird and obsessive side of things. When we took a step back it was obvious to us that the obsession our (new) bass player, Burny, has with the color pink was perfect for what we wanted.

“The whole theme of this record is finding the positive in the negative. It’s what our brand name stands for, what the name of the record stands for, what we as individuals stand for.

“This video is a portrayal of life. Sometimes you can lose yourself so much in the pressure life puts on you that you disappear and can’t find yourself. In those moments we find it best to just let life happen and come at you.”

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