Photo: Brian Gagnon

Montreal based four-piece The Ember Glows is pleased to announce the release of their debut five-song EP entitled Passerby. The independent release will be available via Bandcamp on Friday March 19.

The Ember Glows was formed in early 2019 by members of Room Control, Repo, Scene Noir, and Citylake. Richard Bunze (guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (voice, guitar) and Dan Stefik (drums) crafted a sound that relies on simple hooks over a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay and baritone vocals.

As a performing band they make subtle use of dynamics and trace most of their roots to the moodier side of 80’s new-wave, psych-rock and 90’s British indie music. Bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Simple Minds, Nick Cave, The Cult, U2, Berlin-era Bowie, BRMC, Pulp and The Verve come to mind when describing their overall sound.

Says singer/guitarist Martin Saint: “We came to call this EP Passerby because the lyrics contain multiple references to being a transient on a few different levels, whether lost in a foreign city, riding in a taxi by night, or even drifting away in your own life. It wasn’t planned this way but since all five songs date back to the same period, it just happened organically.”

Passerby was recorded at Freq Shop studio in Montreal over three days in the summer of 2020 by Eric Saucke-Lacelle, who also mixed the recording.

“Their energy and emotions really come through in live scenarios, so we stacked the deck in our favor,” says Saucke-Lacelle. “We tracked live off the floor, no click track, just raw energy, awesome tones, and tons of emotion right into the mics. We did about 30 takes, and every single one brought us along a different emotional rollercoaster. It’s funny, working with this band you never know what to expect, but you also always know what you’re going to get; serious energy that moves you. There’s no way you finish the album and don’t say ‘well, that was a trip’ and grab a cigarette before round two.”

Passerby is released on March 19 via Bandcamp and can be pre-ordered here.

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