Swedish psych wonders MaidaVale announces their new album Sun Dog set to be released on May 3 2024. With the long-awaited third studio album from spellbinders Matilda Roth, Sofia Ström, Linn Johannesson and Johanna Hansson, the band establish themselves as one of the most prominent names in modern psychedelic rock.

Sun Dog is a journey in the borderland between euphoria and melancholia. It extracts the band’s essence – the vibrant interplay, captivating beats, raw vocals and innovative guitar – down to a more colourful and ecstatic collection of songs.

The band found a whole new spark in the recording process at Svenska Grammofonstudion together with producers Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Josefin Öhrn, The Hives) and György Barocsai, still sticking to recording the lion’s share in live takes altogether.

“We shared the same vision from the go, allowing every track to live its own life without any predetermined rules regarding the sound or structure,” says drummer Johanna Hansson on the collaboration. “For the first time we actually took time in the studio. It gave us room for both experimentation and reflection,” says guitarist Sofia Ström.

Without losing sight of their characteristic experimental krautrock influences, Sun Dog allows the melodies to step further into the spotlight. Sofia’s  playful guitar with heavy fuzz and analogue echo makes for a dazzling soundscape, capturing the energy of the band’s highly acclaimed live performances. 


With Matilda Roth’s direct and stirring yet dynamic vocal performance in its prime, the songs explore different aspects of inner conflicts and yearnings in its lyrics. “Ultimately it’s an encouragement to, if you have the possibility, go out and find the way that’s right for you, even if no one is following behind,” the singer says.

Sun Dog releases on May 3 2024 via the band’s newly founded record label Silver Dagger and can be pre-ordered HERE.


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